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How much do rotten cops make?

Rotten cops - and all other City of Portland employees - make great money at our (taxpayers) expense. How much? Find out!
PPB Officer Chris Humphreys, the killer of James Chasse, makes $43,430.15 a year.

PPB Officer Ron Frashour, the killer of Aaron Campbell, makes $77,354.22 a year.

And PPB Captain Mark Kruger, outed as a Nazi sympathizer, makes a hefty $120,123.60 a year. That is more than Mayor Sam Adams makes.

To find out how much a particular City of Portland employee makes, click on this link (or paste it into your web browser):


The employees names are not listed alphabetically. To look up a particular name, you can search through the document by entering the employees name in the search box above the top of the document. Or you can scroll through it. Are they overpaid? Do they deserve such generous salaries at our expense?? You be the judge.

And these figures are for salary only, benefits are not included - which would add thousands more dollars per employee in many cases...