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CIA Hijacking and Conducting Human Experimentations using them to afterwards intensify act

CIA Hijacking and Conducting Human Experimentations using them to afterwards intensify acts of genocide against its victims
CIA Hijacking and Conducting Human Experimentations using them to afterwards intensify acts of genocide against its victims


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CIA hijacked me personally as an white European when in Miami, Florida during 1998, thanks to my ex- South American wife((((older Ecuadorian Indian US citizen which I have married in order to escape from Yugo Slovenian pro Slavic communist authorities who were not only having gangs of 2/3 years older school coevals engaging in a daily physical violence against me since age 6 till army service, but have afterwards upon education completion primarily exercised to my education non-related forceful underpaid employments in combination with unemployment, and secondary when leaving Slovenia in the end of 1994, upon my declining to accept communist party membership as required by local police force in Slovenian Novo mesto, one have threatened me with suggesting parents, who were bullied at work throughout my entire childhood and were consequently relieving frustrations on me with daily violence, entering a false medical information on my health file as a mentally incapacitated which would not only prevent me from leaving overseas, but as well be used as a handy option for parents if ever wanting to take complete control over me at later age as violence/brutality against me was obviously already well planned ahead... as third, upon my parents declining to comply with ex communist neighbor on Novo mesto police request, they begun to threaten me with execution which would take place upon my returning from USA where they would certainly use all influence for me to fail... their biggest fears was brutality/violence which Yugoslav/Slovenian authorities have exercised against me as mentioned in order to create me communist and intermarry Yugoslav)))).

During CIA's abduction/rendition alone, I was first transported from own bed first to local Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida and from there for about month and one week long trip to Psychiatry hospitals in Scandinavia(Sweden and Norway).

During this abduction procedure, I was first tortured/threatened(on operation table with lobotomy procedures etc.)... .and secondary experiments were conducted on me. I was used for experimentations done on humans as hijackers have hooked me up with medical devices on my head.

Entire time(24/7 for month or so) was drugged up unconscious on wheel chair with cuffed hands... ..THIS types(am not the only one) of extraordinary abductions/renditions on whites unwilling to intermix/associate/host so called MINORITIES for free in own homes is/were/are afterwards used to intensify crises in its victims using against them additional tools... .Everything or what have taken place against me in years after abduction/rendition from physical beatings(on job), mental/physical on job tortures((((were performed by ex US military officers - co-workers which consisted mostly again of so called minorities with which I was forced/compelled to work with)))) and as those pile up, even assassination attempts take place in order to hide/cover extreme acts of genocide against its victims !!!!

Ohhh yess, job sanctions or blacklisting afterwards became reality in United States of America just as previously promised by Slovenian pro Yugoslav communist police in Novo mesto during 1994, and were even suggested to me again by US Immigration authority on United States of America Foreign Department of Affairs' request who had agreement with ex-communist regimes about handling its citizens when applying for emigrant residence status((((in return for allowing communists retain political powers or administering people who left ex-communist systems, factories were cheaper for new ally USA)))).


During first employment, I was compelled to set food cans at local food chain store in Miami, USA and suggested(shown in the face) or terrorized by so called JOB CORPS's supervisor a personal file obtained from "Slovenian" pro Yugoslav authorities how they know everything about me what was extremely painful((((imagine to ran away as far as to USA, pledge to work on a cruise ship with over 140 hours per week, marry at 23 with very unwanted, and be threatened like this..this first employment wasn't the last one to end like this afterwards or with bizarre demands from me anywhere to re-marry interracially and all the way to even attempted sexual abuse... .13 years later or in 2008, I was compelled to accept again same type of job and with same people... denied thousands of jobs across the Minneapolis and again as government have transferred this particular group of job corps from Miami for them to open new store chain with the same JOB CORPS crew... all per US Government... genocide continued involving more or less the same factors of persecution and on both occasions as a part time employment with under minimum stolen wage at half work schedule just to be fired upon complaining about sexual harassment to so called governmental Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ))))... .United States of America Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is extended government branch which primarily and contradictory to their legacy written in US Constitution instead of protecting basic workers' rights, organizes crimes like this... EEOC even claimed me on several occasions how it is there to serve so called "minorities" only and not whites !!! Complains to EEOC are used to further discourage victims not to stop US government from continuing its genocide against them upon filling those charges vs. EEOC compliant employers((((that is what EEOC compliant employer means)))). EEOC suggests victims to learn better laughing in their lives for what is about to take next against them or afterwards is Mount Everest of insanity(((or you laugh or you become insane... no mercy and factually designed by government))) !!! Descriptions of examples like one above I have accounted for over 800 pages if you understand... there is not enough space here for all

Fortunately, ex-wife had small electronic store where I have helped her since 1996 for almost another decade for free, and governments were therefore unable to exercise against me immediately as mentioned above; however, promised threats not only have continued throughout the years, but have instead grew gradually into more and more abusive reality despite my obtaining US citizenship status in 2001.

What rendition/abduction was used for and why EEOC never cared..

Abuse totaled to over eight years of unemployment which increased(three years) gradually((((month there... then or till next job took place, two months there... then six months etc. and so on... longer and longer or how to progressively destroy victim)))) all the way to what is now continuous five years of forceful unemployment...totaled more than more than 24000 jobs denied(in USA alone) while in Europe where I ran from US and am here about 2,5 years, over 6000 jobs were denied((((two years and half in Europe where I wasn't allowed to file for asylum in Germany/Belgium/Norway and prior to Europe in Canada - jobs were denied in USA/Slovenia/Austria/Norway/Sweden while there)))). Worse... beside severe mental and physical torture organized by governments mostly on behalf of USA, murder attempts have taken place against me !

Previous humanists or human rights activists which were visiting me in Miami turned out to be government speculators which were sent in order to create certain patterns for its victims in addition to preliminary abuse which have taken place prior to abduction/rendition... what at first sight appeared as innocent friendly conversations were actual interrogations of which gathered information was latter used to kill victims((((info. such as asking victims where would they go, what would they do next in case things wouldn't work out for them in USA etc.))))... .I cite myself as posted on Facebook to my friends there, "will never ever forget white Americans at SFETC...South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center...state hospital where I have worked for year and half....state prison where our people were incarcerated very often for hate crimes....treated for crimes in which Jewmerica have compelled them into...and guess what...Amnesty International and United Nations as well as European psychiatrists were frequent visitors there....these European criminals((((because our governments are Jewmerican puppet governments and knew very well what was happening and is happening)))) knew about it all for fact.....Amnesty International and UN activists from Europe((((many are right now in camp Giessen while city Giessen is flooded with foreigners ruining last remains of Germany)))) were paying visitations with one purpose only...TO SEE THEM(our whites) AFTERWARDS DEAD...MURDERED AS JEWMERICA IS NOTHING BUT PRISON AND OUR PEOPLE WERE IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP IN OFTEN CASES FILLING FOR ASYLUMS IN EUROPE RUNNING AWAY FROM IT ALL FOR BARE LIVES...SURVIVAL...ANYWHERE FROM GERMANY TO SCANDINAVIA...as you know..asylums were declined not only to me, and these people are dead today...I will talk about it in continuation...HUMANISTS ARE MURDERS OF OUR PEOPLE....KILLING OUR PEOPLE OFTEN TIMES KNOWINGLY AND ACCORDING TO THE PLAN OF GREATER JEWMERICA"!!!

I could refer to those asylum refuge facilities as "camps of death for whites" !! There was no whites ever allowed to file asylum in there and their destiny upon filing asylums against USA was penchant with DEATH !!! Forceful unemployment and if only possible prior to that with case managers which have certainly make sure to pronounce victims as mentally incapacited placing them into immediate state care !!!!

Back to my case...

I returned to Slovenia, Europe for the first time in 2006 after 11.5 years in USA and had to leave one again in 2008((((went back in USA, but chose to stay in other states)))). All this just so I could return again back in 2009 all financially ruined. Since this last return from USA in the end 2009, I haven't even entered Slovenia avoiding one at all costs till lately when I was again utterly compelled by governments due to complete employment embargo to settle again back with parents like nobody and nothing...

In respect to my 11.5 year stay in USA before returning to Europe for the first time, a very important note that I am extremely ambitious, hardworking, driven family dedicated individual whom more than anything is important well being of future family which was deliberately stolen from me so many times... however, ability to provide for family of my own, always occupied first place among all priorities(the reason why I left to US and never quit fighting in life). 11.5 years of rat life in USA just so everything could be stolen and ruined in the end seems to empower some egoistic and sadistic maniacs who refer to themselves humanists... communists... maniacs who haven't tried anything in their lifes, yet are here to judge and spit on people like myself... .just serious warning to those of you who are part of it and are unaware of what is happening out there because our people are dyeing and you don't have any right or priority over anyone. By engaging in such crime... acts of genocide toward innocent people !!!

Physical on job tortures alone grew to extreme as far as even developing cancer on one of the testicles as not allowed to even use restroom as needed at work(when working for Florida State Mental Care Hospital where I was as well forced as thousands of jobs Throughout Miami were simply declined). Highest pay $10 hour with total of year and half self paid health insurance for period almost 13 years in USA, never allowed to work according to level of education or professions as educated for((((mechanic and mechanical engineering technician fluent in five languages))))...mobbing... stalking...
Example of extreme abuse and sadism...

Forced to improperly conduct work duties((((as last job before throwing me out of USA in 2006)))) or job designed to permanently leave me with back injury when I was in 2005 compelled to break picture frames with bare hands and afterwards forced to drive truck for extended hours - 11 hours a day((((practice used to irritate hand gland nerves which are connected to central nervous system in the back spine... .using the combination of irritated gland nerves and pressure for extended periods on back spine, permanent injury occurs leaving one as a result with greatly reduced sleeping from normal 8 hours of sleep per night to 1-2 hours the most... .secondary leaving I was left with unimaginable pain when waking up from accumulated total exhaustion every ten minutes... while absent or at work, drugs were added to my water supplies consistently, so afterwards entire situation was referred to me as as Parkinson's disease by state employment agency in Miami... imagine without granting me health examination by physician or accepting any liability for situation)))). Just prior to this employment at SFETC in 2003, government state employees or co-workers have threatened me with this exact same health injuries/issues in the future prior to daily interrogations, but have declined to specify how, what, who, when and where when asking them questions... .side effects from drugs which were sipped into my water supplies during my absence as mentioned above, were leaving me during sleep waking up with entirely dry mouths and body shaking as if one was connected to 220 Volts... ..this gangster approach was exercised against me already before or it started approximately year prior to job at SFETC... .

Since 2000, Miami Police have organized against me severe bullying which didn't only left me, despite completing all entry requirements for police officer, in 2003 with conditioning to accept temporary employment with continuous work schedule change every second day((((three shifts were involved in order to destroy individual's biological clock while police claimed how this extraordinary circus would prove them my abilities to handle stress situation)))) and have afterwards or just month prior to successful completion of this assignment instead of offering me employment demanded from me resignation stating/alleging lies - employment which on the first place this criminals didn't have the right declining on the first place and were engaging behind my back in severe persecutions much prior to this last... UNIMAGINABLE CRIMES COMMITED AGAINST ME BY US GOVERNMENT... from compelled to travel to other states on train, even three days at the time one way, in order to obtain employment((((I am extremely dedicated to life individual)))) because I was sent from door to door in Miami... bullied... scorned and humiliated... everything just so I could be afterwards or after traveling so far for job instead severely humiliated/discriminated/dedignified/tortured... it is what Jewmerica((((American Jews were heavily involved in this mistreatments from primarily demanding my converting to Judaism to extreme crime involvement against me and were the one in USA who have mainly supported previously described communist cause in Jewish capital of Americas - Miami, but there is not enough space left here to describe numerous persecutions... they were main players with smile on their face behind curtains pulling ropes and using minorities against me in genocide procedure while neighbor Jew was the one who have entered our apartment to sip drugs in water supply behind my back when ex-wife was absent... the apartment locks were the same for several units... changing them meant to draw attention and raise suspicion in this criminals as if wasn't compliant with Jewmerica... this my friends is reality in America... land of brave and free... now you also know why so fat or destituted)))) does with our people and I know they hate my guts because I have gone after better opportunity again and again..over and over again... regardless of what this degenerated imbeciles have come up with... .you can call them or refer to them all you want, but I was there or in their world and know what that means !!! When entering US, I have worked over 140 hours a week on a cruise ship... .well educated ended as a truck driver bum forced to stay from home even two months at the time sleeping in the truck and in the end with every right taken away from me, I was thrown out of United States of America after spending there 13 years... .leaving one from future disasters rather arbitrary with thought how things did changed in mean while in Slovenia which entered in European Union. They didn't !

I do not search for job in Slovenia any longer these days as I was insulted for doing so in 2007...thrown out from employment office with words I cite, "Look at me and look at your sister... you are nobody and nothing while we are something... we have salaries and pension... lives... .get lost... I don't want to see you ever again... .you don't have the right to stay in Slovenia". This was after I was forced to work with completely uneducated foreigners on Novo mesto's local car assembly line factory for lowest wage and two work places were adjoined into one leaving me with severe dehydration or loosing several liters of water in just few hours... it was after I was forced to take truck driving job which lasted three weeks and I wasn't compensated at all... not even for fuel costs as I commuted some 100 kilometers one way... .it was after I was compelled to sleep on the floor during so called probe driving with young Yugoslav kid for whom bed was... and who was ordered to torture with loud music and cigarette smoking... etc... on all jobs smoking in my face((((my complains and warnings/even per work regulations about non smoking due to health issues were only help to communist maniacs in their torture madness against me)))).

The rights to claim unemployment like others did were denied to me in Slovenia, and prior to that in USA as well where I was utterly compelled all desperate into truck driving after all other educated opportunities were declined... In mean while, I was forced to spend all the savings(((($72000 out of my pocket or money which I have taken away from my mouth in order to build family of my own)))), spending saved money by knocking from door to door for over 5 years during which over 30000 jobs were declined in urge to obtain employment((((in years 2001/2003 over $40000 was stolen from me on New York Stock Market Exchange by USA companies simply declining entirely illegal bankruptcies))))... .the only crime I ever committed was being German born in what is today known as "Slovenia" who escaped from there for bare survival at age 23....never smoke, never did drugs and tried alcohol 10 times the most in entire life !!! Fit mentally and physically with mental abilities by far exceeding those of which you encounter daily on banks or administrations... it is what separated me from other victims or in addition to that hundreds of successfully completed psychological pre employment tests used as well for brainwashing and in combinations with by USA government organized/synchronized other misfortunes((((they were plain hoping to screw my brain)))) upon which employments were never ever granted((((became one of the best proofs of communist/humanist violence/brutality against me)))) as described above... same was with drugs and substances pre employment tests((((done some fifty of them and always clean))))... ..were all used as a torture tool primarily or government opportunity which would grant them excuse for acts of genocide performed against me, but it ended against them((((governments were unable to claim what they have in numerous other people's cases or schizophrenia/paranoia)))) During procedure of becoming police officer in Miami, department officials have met with me on several occasions and I was amongst other suggested to take drugs... they were implying how drugs are good... how the law is the problem and not drugs... that many police officers take drugs etc... they needed excuse badly, but there is none for these criminals today !!!

Yugoslav communist bandits in Slovenia today...
While I was deleted from Jewmerican and pro Yugo Slovenian systems((((I simply didn't have any rights to exist at all - none what so ever))), communist Yugo Slovenian pro Yugoslav bandits who have caused me pain and sorrow with physical beatings and everything described above, have had engaged in even more severe crime in front of international societies... spiting them and us who were expelled for bare survival from so called "Slovenia" by pointed out what were so called "The deleted" or mostly Yugoslav immigrants consisting of ex Yugoslav military personnel which have engaged in aggression war against my own people in 1991 stating how upon "Slovenian" independence, they have lost their rights to stay there or social status for a single year or so... in another words, we the people of this little stolen country, were in often cases thrown out or exiled from our own state while foreigners - immigrants from ex-Yugoslav states have populated and took our places claiming on international courts even how GENOCIDE have taken place against them during real genocide which have taken place against us !!!!

NOW CAN YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF RETURNING BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY AND BE HUMILIATED LIKE THIS !!!???? CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT DID THIS HAVE ON ME WHEN THIS CRIMINALS DELIBERATELY CREATED SO CALLED " DELETED" JUST SO THEY COULD COMPENSATE THEM NOT ONLY WITH FINANCIAL REIMBURSEMENTS, BUT WITH EVERYTHING FROM FREE SCHOOL TO LOANS... WELL PAID JOBS ETC... .WHAT A MOCKERY AND WHAT A BANDITS... GANGSTERS... CRIMINALS !!!! "Slovenia" proved to be with traitor communists in a saddle even today, the worst whore state in the world !!! In their madness, pro- Yugoslav communists went as far as even paying education tuitions and giving pensions to completely non related Bosnians IN Bosnia etc... .amazing at expense of our people and myself specially !!! Parasite = criminal = pedophile = humanist = communist = terrorist !!

This last was used by governments against me as a terror threat tool or close to some 100000 spam e-mail messages which have clogged every e-mail account((((governments have destroyed me some 10 e-mail accounts by continually spamming me with threats or bullying)))) within matter of days after opening them as new accounts, unknown phone calls(at night or plain bullying), years lasting extreme cause stalking which was supported with severe coughing(24/7)... .ruining private life, above mentioned government JOB CORPS or by government organized bullies - work place mob associations with whom I was compelled to work with were asking/suggesting as if I already hear any voices in my head etc., no right to education((((compelled into unemployment and even had universities declining me the right to continue studies)))), by government organized physical attacks involving assassination attempts((((2009 in Belgium when threatened by black gang to be stabbed during filling for asylum procedure when sent to South Brussels' shelter by one of the Belgian Fed Asyl coordinators; October 09th, 2010 in Sweden when what appeared but was 100% organized by government group of Albanians assaulted me; 2004 compelling me to drive half broken 18 wheeler truck in one of the most dangerous with curvy roads in USA despite my objecting and arguing repair issues which did could left me with locked steering wheel; in 2001 compelling me to stand guard post on Fisher Island's iron ramp during severe thunder storms; in 2007 assassination attempt in place called Pekel - translated HELL near city Trebnje, Slovenia during when entire road was utterly covered with oil along the precipice and with state ambulance vehicle parked behind the first curve as I made it alive barely with damaged vehicle and lighter injuries only; others assassination attempts have taken place prior to that)))), paid in full repair parts for car were never ever sent from Germany and I had to purchase them in person again afterwards in USA((((same was with other orders from USA etc. as political systems have mutually erased my rights from universal system as described above... ."Slovenian", German, US, and Interpol police didn't respond to my requests... .I have eventually filled charge against Novo mesto police and won case against them at senate hearing, but communists have simply override the decision from even what was state attorney)))), persistent continuation of rape attempts or by threats supported attempts to force me in interracial relationships - had females of other races for years utterly waiting at the different entrance doors following/stalking me afterwards per governments, was compelled into shared room accommodation - lately into hostel lodging at cost close to $1000 per month for length four and half months while in Norway and Sweden seeking refuge, compelled to lodging accommodations with HUMANIST government bullies or international humanist gangster/criminal mob/mafia((((was accomplished by banning me from employment)))) who were stealing/destroying, and breaking my personal belongings in mean while((((from stolen GPS to broken laptop screen)))) which have committed above mentioned abduction/rendition, same was done with house purchases for which I have qualified but loans were deliberately turned down using unemployment as an excuse despite my outstanding credit rating which have never ever had any debts((((was forced in debt just now or in September 2010 when unable to continue paying for my credit card forced in unemployment after paying one off even for entire 5 year unemployment period))))... .

Unlike other victims who haven't done Jack about it, but some were actually awarded with attorneys etc... or unlike attorneys alone which were paid to protect victims, I have written in mean while two books(over 800 pages) and recorded over 700 minutes of videos  http://www.youtube.com/user/BostjanAvsec?feature=mhsn...filled charges against perpetrators on INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT, EUROPEAN COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, UNITED NATIONS AND AMNESTY AS WELL AS EURO OMBUDSMAN AND OTHER HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS...AGENCIES...ACTIVISTS ETC((((HAVE CONTACTED on several occasions OVER 3000 OF THEM), BUT ARE ALL INVOLVED IN IT AND ARE WITH SILENCE SUPPORTING THIS ACT OF GENOCIDE AGAINST ME(MEDIA IS 100% CONTROLLED AND HERE TO SEE ME DEAD ONLY))))...

I would like to use this opportunity and ask you to support my cause which was repeatedly and without justification turned down/rejected from hearings in primarily European Court for Human Rights and as well on International Criminal Court with pure intention or to suppress truths at whatever costs and on demand of leading political communist/humanist options which were/are parties involved in this case against me !

Euro Ombudsman and American Human Rights institutions not only have failed to assist, but were engaging in crime against me((((I have specially in mind Euro Ombudsman by USA entrusted Diamanduros and criminal American Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)))) and can't be counted for.

Thank you for supporting justice and spreading this plea further thus making our communities safer for us and our children. My pledge for truth will not stop here, but will continue to support our people in the future throughout various different means including organizations and governments. Leaving behind single one of our people is not an option at all, but crime !!!


There is nothing worse than your not being able to afford own family, kids dyeing in school shootings, our people dyeing in foreign wars and suiciding during so called economic crises ...everything after 911....or overture in so called crises...genocide during which and despite unemployment crises foreigners are plundering our countries and during which everything traditional European(values) had to be destroyed including religion...crises during which Sodom and Gomorrah were allowed to display all contempt for dignity, pride, and honor...

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Video Number 67 My report about what CIA have done against me during 1998 or rendition/abduction in cooperation with humanist/communist Swedish pro Jewmerican government

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On October 09th, 2010...This is what have taken place against me in Karlstad , Sweden and was organized against me by Jewmerica and her Euro collaborators....THIS IS THE REAL MEANING OF SO CALLED WESTERN DEMOCRACY FOR COMPLAINING ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF QUIETLY DYEING

Video Number 64 CIA organized assault against me in Karlstad, Sweden in cooperation with humanist/communist Swedish pro Jewmerican government

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