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Where Oh Where is condi??
This is a War Criminal
This is a War Criminal

We just got word that the "Queen of Terror **codoleeza rice has, at the last minute, canceled her appearance at the Downtown Portland Hilton. There has been no reason given for the abrupt cancellation, but we will be there to protest her book being displayed and a DVD presentation by this war criminal. We should celebrate the fact that she is not coming to contaminate our good city. We still will meet at 0900 and maybe have signs that ask where is condi, we heard a rumor she might be hiding in cheney's bunker?

Come and celebrate the fact that she will not enter our city

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

**Will not capitalize due to disrespect and/or disgust!

Victory it IS!! 13.Nov.2010 12:03

Mad Mal

For Immediate Release, Anti-War groups stop Condoleeza Rice from coming to Portland

"Members from Individuals For Justice, Veterans For Peace, PPRC, Code Pink, Oregon Progressive Party and others gathered at the Downtown Hilton to celebrate Condi's decision not to show up because of a planned protest. We received word yesterday that she had canceled her appearance at the Inaugural Portland Authors Luncheon. Security at the Hilton confirmed that the ex-Secretary of State decided not to confront protestors here in Portland. We stopped a war criminal from coming to our city, a small band of dedicated activists spent an hour in front of the Hilton just to make the point that it is not a good PR move for a charity or foundation to use the notoriety of war criminals to raise money, because many of us will raise hell. We are happy that Condi did not come to Portland to sell her book, we are happy that one war criminal was told to stay away and was so afraid of a peaceful, non-violent group that she did; We should smile! This is a huge victory for non-violence and ending the occupations."

-Joe Walsh-Lone Vet, (not so much)

VIDEO: Activist Thwart Condi Rice Book Signing in Portland Oregon 11.13.10 13.Nov.2010 19:33

Joe Anybody ((( i ))) iam@joe-anybody.com

No Show Condi Portland 2010
No Show Condi Portland 2010

Patriotic Lady 17.Nov.2010 17:12

PDX Patriot

Codoleeza Rice - Patriotic American
Anarchist, Anti-war activists, Anti-Global warming activists and other people on the left should all charter a fleet of planes and head down to Venezuela. Hugo Chavez welcomes you!