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Video: Protect Salmon AND Sea Lions

Today, November 10, 2010, Portland In Defense of Animals called for a demonstration at the Lloyd Center Double Tree to protest a meeting of the Pinniped-Fishery Interaction Task Force, who will make a recommendation to continue, change, or end the program of killings sea lions.

Protect Salmon and Sea Lions
Matt Rossell of Portland In Defense of Animals gives the many reasons why this practice must end. He explains that the project is a failure, as more sea lions are arriving to take the place of those who are killed.
In the past three years this program has been responsible for the removal of 40 sea lions and the government's own data suggests that the program is not working to protect endangered Spring salmon runs.

According to Rossell, it's not the sea lions predation that is endangering the salmon runs, but the human predation. As one sign at the demonstrations declares, "sea lions are only 4% of the problem."

Rossell says that the budget for this killing should be cut, and that the money could be better spent elsewhere. For instance, "getting gill nets out of the river, changing the fish quotas, looking at the introduction of non native fish." Also, "whatever we can do to restore habitat, which would go a lot further than killing a native species for simply eating."
R Protect Salmon and Sea Lions

ODFW Kills 11.Nov.2010 10:15


Thank you Jim for coming out and covering this issue --the Oregonian wasn't there for a balanced story but only to regurgitate the lies spewing from the fishing lobby-- their crappy coverage and their refusal to ask any tough questions or give a damn about anything but the status quo-- Proof that The Oregonian --sucks and their paper is only useful when you need to clean the bird cage.

Thanks again Jim for taking the time to talk about both sides of this issue.