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The death of innocent children and fiscal irresponscibility.

Why the Republicans are responsible for all our ills.
George Bush lied and about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They had all the intelligence they needed, they had over flights of spy satellites, they had spy drones, and they had spies inside Iraq, all sorts of intelligence that did not show the existence of WMD. George Bush lied, innocent children died in Iraq.
Keep in mind the Bush administration lied about the yellow cake Uranium from Africa; they certainly lied about the WMD.
As I recall the bush administration provided several reasons to go to go to war with Iraq before coming up with the lie about WMDs, just a fabrication to promote war so George Bush could feel powerful. George Bush just had an obsession to finish the job his father failed to do in the 90s. Obsessive people are mentally ill. Do you really want more obsessive, lying, child murdering Republicans in power in for example 2012?
Let's talk about fiscal responsibility for a minute. We had a war we didn't need by a president we didn't elect at a price we couldn't afford. The deficit that was run up for this unnecessary war is far worse than anything the Democrats have done, and remember TARP was initiated during the Bush administration. Eventually the Chinese are going to own us, and it's all thanks to the Republicans.
In conclusion, George Bush has the blood of innocent children on his hands. Killing is a sin George. God will not forgive your arrogance. You are going to burn forever George.

Well you know the old saying 11.Nov.2010 09:29

monique abu jamal

Crazy as a march hare. Here is Bush derangement syndrome in living splendor. Better get your ass back to wonderland you dumb fuck.