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Communique for the 11/8 Cop Car Smashing

Last night we visited the parking lot under the multnomah county department of "community" corrections on the corner of SE 10th and Stark. We slashed the tires of five unmarked patrol vehicles and doused them with paint stripper.
Hopefully it puts a smile on your face to know that the parole officers will be having a more difficult time harassing and imprisoning people today, as they shell out the $2.05 to do their patrols on the bus. We did this because we despise the institution of police, and care deeply and personally about its victims.

We want the police to know that they are not invincible and that there are people willing to attack all systems of oppression as long as they exist. This will take the form of building alternative systems of justice, and simultaneously smashing the fuck out of the old, oppressive ones. Sunday night was dedicated to the latter.

Freedom for all prisoners!
Justice before peace!
Solidarity with the Mapuches!

halleluhah! 09.Nov.2010 17:39

invisible me

Ya'll make me proud!
Long live Portland anarchists :)