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Speak Out Against Sea Lion Killing in Portland on Wednesday, November 10

Please join In Defense of Animals at a demonstration at the Doubletree, Lloyd Center location in Portland, Oregon where the Pinniped-Fishery Interaction Task Force is meeting, to voice your outrage over the continued state-sanctioned killing of California sea lions. This misguided, unethical program is targeting, branding, and killing native sea lions in the Columbia River for simply eating fish. In the past three years this program has been responsible for the removal of 40 sea lions and the government's own data suggests that the program is not working to protect endangered Spring salmon runs, but the killing continues. sea_lion

What: Demonstration to oppose sea lion killing
When: Wednesday, November, 10, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where: Doubletree Lloyd Center, 1000 NE Multnomah St., Portland, Ore. ( http://bit.ly/cXddR6)

For more information call Matt at IDA, 503-249-9996 or e-mail matt[at]idausa[dot]org.
help us!
help us!
This Pinniped-Fishery Interaction Task Force is charged with the task of reviewing the data collected over the past three years, and making a recommendation of whether to continue, change, or end the program. Despite the fact that, as predicted, new sea lions are just coming to take the place of the sea lions they kill, and the sea lions are only eating a tiny percentage of the salmon run below the Bonneville Dam, a majority of the Task Force has already voted to recommend that the federal government should loosen its criteria for putting sea lions on the "hit list," meaning that even more sea lions will be killed!

Please join us this Wednesday at 11:30 a.m., the sea lions need your support! Signs will be provided, just come and bring your friends and family!

phone: phone: 503-249-9996

Some pics from an earlier protest 08.Nov.2010 18:28

Jim Lockhart

A few pictures from an earlier protest........