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9.11 investigation

Chomsky joins 911 Truthers in saying "No evidence Al Quaeda Carried out attack on 9/11"

Chomsky now?

more intellectual dihonesty 07.Nov.2010 19:21

not suprised

Wait a second I thought Chomsky was in on the conspiracy? I thought he was a "left gatekeeper" and "corporate shill". You truthers can't even get your own story straight.

_ 08.Nov.2010 01:07


"Garth" writes:
"As well--and there is nothing inconsistent with this--he said it is obvious that deranged Moslems hijacked the planes were and slammed them into the trade towers and the Pentagon."

please specifically reference where/when Noam Chomsky stated that it was "obvious" that "deranged Moslems [sic]" "hijacked" the planes and "slammed" them into the "trade towers" and Pentagon.

We want the verbatim quotation, the referenced publication, its date, etc.

Put up, or STFU.