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Call To Action

We need to do something now!
would you save this child, you can
would you save this child, you can
We need, as human beings, to do more; but what? We need to figure out ways to make our voices heard, now the politicians just laugh at us. We march on Saturdays so that we don't interrupt the flow of traffic during working hours or inconvenience people who are just trying to make it from day to day. We sit and block a building and cooperate when the police tell us we are under arrest for trespassing or some other BS charge. We go to court and plead guilty and serve our 8-16 hours of community service or pay a fine. We are polite, dignified and cowardly and risk almost nothing, and we boast of our accomplishments. We need to do more, we need to stop looking at our bellies and visualizing what peace will look like and somehow hope a miracle will happen and peace on earth will become a real goal. We need to do more.

Non-violence is not "Let's be nice and cooperate," it is confrontation with the authorities. It is what our friend and brother Joe-Anybody did when a Homeland Security cop asked him for his ID as he was videotaping a demonstration, he simply and calmly instructed the cop that he was not required to do so and would exercise his right of freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, and freedom of speech. The cop was way out of line and ran up against a person who was not going to cooperate with unreasonable interference in his effort to document our protest. That's what I am talking about.


I will open up my apartment each Wednesday at high noon for further discussions about what we can and are willing to do, (except the 3rd Weds due to a protest for PDA/IFJ in front of Blumenauer's office.) Please let me know if you want to get active and try different options to make our voices heard. I will have the coffee on, and will talk to anyone who wants to explore how to react to what is going on in our name around the world and here in Portland. I would hope to do a coffee at some place in Portland on Saturday and continue the conversation. It is no longer possible just to sit back and hope things get better, not going to happen.

We need to talk, we need to get involved, we need to not be afraid, we need to stand up and shout "Freedom!"

Just reply to this e-mail and bring your ideas next Wednesday or the Wednesday after that, but do come.

If you saw a house on fire and a small child on the second floor would you run in, break down the front door to save the child? If you entered the house without permission you are breaking the law. There is not a cop, DA, Homeland Security or even an FBI agent who would arrest and prosecute you--Why? You broke the law. You entered a house without the permission of the owner; but you saved a child from burning, what is the legal defense? I believe we are faced with the same thing when we take an action that may inconvenience some institution, may cause some delays or just be a pain in the ass to the authorities, we take the action to save a child and the child may live in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan or maybe in Pakistan. I see no difference in the two examples but one is accepted law and the other must become accepted law and judges must stand up and protect those children in far away places. Just about any judge would throw out a case that was presented to them like the example in the first instance of running into a burning house to save a child. Judges need to step up or we need new judges. So we have much to talk about, if you're interested let me know.

PS I know we are all busy with the coming Holidays, but I tried to tell the children not to be murdered during November and December; they don't seem to listen.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

The Problem Is, Joe 07.Nov.2010 06:21

urwurst nitemare

The problem is that you and your political ilk are stupid commie motherfuckers. That's the reason that nobody gives a shit about you or your mind numbingly stupid politics.

Smith got to stand up 07.Nov.2010 10:45

Lone Vet

Ex-Senator Gordon Smith, I ask you before would you use your real name and not some lame thing like, Urworst something or the other, man up guy!
looking bad Gordon
looking bad Gordon

Gordon Smith 09.Nov.2010 10:22

urwurst nitemare

Now why would you think that I was Gordon Smith, moron. Does he think you are a stupid motherfucker too?