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Director of the Documentary "Priceless" Interviewed on Public Access Television

Steve Cowan, director of the documentary Priceless will appear on the local Public Access program, A Growing Concern," Friday evening November 5, 2010, from 7 - 8:00 pm.
Program repeats on channel 23 Saturday evening from 8 - 9:00 and again Thursday evening from 7 - 8:00 on channel 22.
Along with the interview with Steve, the program will feature a 4 1/2 minute teaser for the documentary and also screen the film's "Arizona segment," which is an 8 1/2 minute behind-the-scenes (entertaining) look at how public funding works in Arizona.

Steve Cowan is the Executive Director of Habitat Media here in Portland.........

"Habitat Media has produced several award-winning documentaries including primetime PBS Specials like Empty Oceans Empty Nets and Farming the Seas; films that communicate the importance of citizen participation and show viewers exactly what they can do to help solve a seemingly overwhelming problem. Our films have screened before U.S. Congressional Committees, the United Nations, White House staff, and in federal judges' chambers. Short versions are ongoing exhibits at marine aquaria and natural history museums. They are also educational resources used by hundreds of high schools and colleges."

His latest documentary. "Priceless," is about the high cost of running for public office in the United States.

"PRICELE$$: How much does it cost to run for a U.S. Senate seat? One million? Two? Four?! Only if you want to lose. It costs considerably more if you want to stand before the crowd, fingers held in a 'V' high above your head. The cost of running for office has grown so large that only a tiny sliver of Americans can donate anything significant, let alone run themselves."

Politicians must go to large donors such as the oil & gas industry, agrichemical companies, health insurers, and Wall Street...you know...the type of companies they're supposed to be regulating. Likened by one seasoned Senator to the ancient art of whoring, America's electoral system forces elected representatives, in both parties, to rely on special interests for their job security.BR.

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