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SAVE TRAPPER: Rally to save Old Growth

Trapper is 149 acres of threatened ancient and native forest in the Willamette National Forest. It is a timber sale that was auctioned off by the US Forest Service to Seneca Jones Timber Company. Logging could begin any day.
A clear cut at Trapper would pollute the McKenzie watershed, which provides drinking water for the city of Eugene, and would destroy some of the last Spotted Owl habitat in the region.

Under the Endangered Species Act, the Forest Service has the ability to save this endangered space. Join us in pressuring the Forest Service to drop the sale and save one of the last remaining old growth forests from logging!

12:00 pm
Portland, OR
Forest Service Building, 333 SW 1st Ave.

Cascadia Forest Defense,

Animal Defense League

what day 04.Nov.2010 11:43

info ?

what day at 12:00


My Apologies 04.Nov.2010 15:37


I cut and pasted in the information, not noticing that the day was missing.
The action was today.........11/4