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2 Party Monopoly Refuses Earmark for Oil Spill Nets Still Needed!!>>>>

federal court case "david haines v.s. selendang ayu (international maritime carriers) has been delayed another year due to the 9th circuit court of appeals siding with offshore shipping company responsible for 130 million pounds of "oil tainted " soybeans that were spilled once in december 2004 and then again (10 months later) in same area ..
......130 million oil tainted soybeans (approximately 13 billion oil tainted pieces of unedible food)were never "debris "containment mitigation nets were needed ....the company 'INTERNATIONAL MARITIME CARRIERS- HONGKONG (M/V SELENDANG AYU)___ www/ kingcrabtrust@gmail.com

The Bering Sea fishermen who rose up against the industrial shipping company executives had an agreement to mnake the "oil spill containment mitigation "debris nets"" , in december ,2006.....

The Coast Guard Brokered the sit down between the parties.....After the Catcher/Processor Fleet was squeezed out of the u.s. king crab market by the Russian king crab_ , due in large part by the use of water on boats such as the (f/v baranof) who had to operate in the king crab fields while the second part of the toxic foam that traveled for miles could get sucked up the valves that pump water thro9ughout the boats processing stations.....

The Deal between the bering sea fishermen were "cover the losses of the boats that lost all jobs in 2006 and market share in 2005 and the crews "out of work" will Hand Braid some "oil spill containment mitigation nets""
After the company got a plea deal from the coast guard they turned against the fishermen and said "were off the hook and will take our chances in court".....

3 months after the company reneged on "the deal", anothher oil spill " m/v cosco busan spilled oil in u.s. waters ( speaker pelosi's district),"the oil spill containment nets " would have isolated the spilled oil from the changing currents . This would have alllowed for a transfer of the oil(gas) spilled back out of ocean"

July 2008 " Bering Sea Fishermen Representative spent own personal money to go visit Washington D.C. with a fat file on the ongoing dilemma of 3rd world industrial shipping undermining 1st world sustainable resources and thumbing noses at u.s. regulations regarding safety and maintenance and "innocent passage "violations regarding "oil spill response equipment" that requires a no later clause of 14 days delay .....,,,,,Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell and Senator Boxer and Senator fienstien and seantor webb and speaker pelosi's d.c. offices were visited by the u.s. fishing fleets bering sea fishermen rep that pointed out what was "still needed regarding "oil spill containment mitigation equipment--retro fitted fuel barges (to transfer spilled oil just under surface of water to by pass gravity impacts of pumping heavy oil above the surface before its contained in a flat bed barge through its ballast...and the liners for the hand braided spill "debris"nets and a few transfer pieces of equipment , the fishing boats and fully loaded tug boats still needed "that internation maritime organization members ( i.m.o.) are responsible to pay for "by law>.... They thanked the fisherman for his concern.........

Then while the federal part of the seattle district court case "david haines v.s. selendang ayu" is thrown out by federal judge "ricardo martinez" becuz the company claimed the seattle based fishing fleet employees cant file in seattle they have to file in alaska and that thier "clients werent u.s. citizens so therefore didnt have to pay since they didnt have to adhere to u.s. law" the judge agreed..
So, while the 9th circuit buries the court case in the docket till after the mid term elections since speaker pelosi is on the witness list the "gulf of mexico spill needed those "oil spill containment nets" to isolate the spilled oiil from the moving currents and keep the oil out ther while its bieng transfeerred into retro fitted fuel barges "which they still dont have "retro fitted so they can keep up with the flow"

After the 9th circuit requires its transfer to alaska "becuz the greedy lawyers refused to point out the coast guard safety inspections were deceptions played by the employees of the ship who knew they had to replace the #3 cylinder before they shoved off but were told they wouldnt be paid for the down time so decided to try and fill thier "pocket miles" maximum time at sea for a run between continents ( usually estimated at 12-14 days ) with overtime allowed up to couple extra days of pay before remaining time is refused)
the captain was lying to the coastguard when they were adrift with a seized engine ( which the crew couildnt diagnosed as siezed becuz they were unqualified), when the coast guard noticed that the ship was once travelling west then began a perpendicular trajectory ( they were floating in 90 mile an hour winds trying to change out a 1,000 pound cylinder from the direction of a guy on the satellite phone from singapore who took 17 hours on the phone with the crew before they finally figured out what to describe to the "expert in singapor" so they could figure out thier effortts were fuedal..
Then the ship split in 2....6 crew died a multi million dollar helicopter to rescue people got consumed by a "rogue wave"... the company and owner father son m.r. frank tsao senoir and junior decided to put survival suits on the ships he conglomerately controls as a result of accident but still refuses to pay for the still needed "oil spill containment nets""" call your senators becuz the fisher men dont have extra money to pay off congress to do the right thing .. it turns out starting in 2005 the commodity speculators who control the lobbying out fit deceivingly acting like the reps for the "fishermen" wrote thier own law "crab rationalization" and deduct 70% of the pounds the crews harvest without paying them anything.. all while getting a capital gainst tax brake... this is due to 6 years of paying off senate and house of reps and dept of commmerce officials all in writing a sentence within the law that said "after you deduct from the fisher men " when it was supposed to say "after you pay the fishermen on the pounds they harvested" but this was denied becuz n.o.a.a. , north pacific fishery and alska crab coalion and numerous crab advisery panels filled with front offices who conspire against fishermen by firing them for trying to testify.... of closing the doors and calling security and sometimes withholding pay checks till after meetings to allow real fishermen to participate in process of resource being divvied up by non working speculators...

sit in senator murray cantwells seattle and d.c. offices 04.Nov.2010 17:06

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oil spill containment nets still needed