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Fascism in America

Did fascism ever leave US America
This shall be a very interesting to say the least election. How much will e-voting or e-election theft play will be interesting specifically in Nevada. How far right will the US empire become will be interesting.. the US is far to the right with either corporatist parties in office now. Will this awaken or stir some elements in Cascadia to be concern on how crazy the rest of the empire is .. will be very interesting. So those of us in Cascadia (the Pacific Northwest) if the American Christian Taliban obtain more power are you willing to say "enough is enough" and "its time for a divorce Amerika!" This will all be interesting. It might be a big nothing too. Maybe the US will continue its corporatist approach even without the fanatical far right wing Christians? Is Obama's war policies and pandering to the corporate interests any different from the other corporarist presidents that signed WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA and agree with outsourcing and bank bail outs? "Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag carrying a bible." ~ Sinclair Lewis

Live Cascadia Be Cascadian 02.Nov.2010 14:08

Ecotopian Yeti

Well I would reject both corporatist parties.. think about how Oregon and Washington and the surrounding parts of Cascadia tend to vote for individual rights and social services. As opposed to cutting basic rights and stomping on the liberties of others as well as play the blame game on the poor. I hope this election is our wake up call that Cascadia should not be part of the US empire.

The Corporate powers that be...... 03.Nov.2010 09:28

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

Need the population to believe that they are actually doing something by changing the parties in government. Unfortunately, they're both fueled by the same corporate control, money, and ideology. Until such time as this is publicly acknowledged, we will remain in their grip. It's always more of the same, spoken in different voices. The faces change, the policies do not. There is little hope of actual change.

yep.. the corporatists 03.Nov.2010 10:37

Ecotopian Yeti

Agree and this mornings elections in Oregon and Washington State with the senate race in Washington and the gubernatorial race in Oregon are examples where money and corporate connections taint systems.

Huey Long is the target of your quote, think about it. 04.Nov.2010 07:57


consider the context of the Sinclair Lewis quote: it was meant to be derisive of Huey Long, who was opposed to war and sucessfully usurped the plantation oligarchy in Louisiana, opening roads and schools to an extent not matched even by Roosevelt, who viewed him as a personal threat.

His side of the story is preserved here:

Long was revered by the masses as a champion of the common man and demonized by the powerful as a dangerous demagogue.

Read "Great Gatsby" by Fitzgerald if you want to read about the rise of Fascism in America.

Wikipedia quotes William Shirer, a friend of Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis:

"In summing up Lewis' career, Shirer concludes, "It has become rather commonplace for so-called literary critics to write off Sinclair Lewis as a novelist. Compared to...Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Dos Passos, and Faulkner...Lewis lacked style. Yet his impact on modern American life...was greater than all of the other four writers together."

If you ask me, he lacked more than style. This pampered Yale grad got it wrong about fascism. Though he was able to portray the faults of those who benefit from the plunder, his understanding of "The People" doesn't match Hemmingway or Fitzgerald, and he got it wrong about Fascism.

None the less, the quote used above IS what Lewis had to say about Fascism, which was just as likely to come from Long Island or the ivory towers of Yale.

David Roknich
Galesburg, Illinois

Look in the mirrorr 07.Nov.2010 06:35


Look in the mirror asshole, you will see a died in the wool fascist. Just because you are a la la land progressive pussy doesn't mean that others are.