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Attention Alberta Co-op Members

Now's the time to vote on ten proposed by-law changes. Support the workers, vote yes!
Attention members of Alberta Cooperative Grocery: Your co-op is in the midst of an important vote to amend the by-laws! There are ten proposed changes brought to you by the group Members for a Democratic Co-op ( http://albertacoopmdc.wordpress.com), with support from more than ten percent of ACG owners. These changes are to ensure fair treatment of and more equitable wages for co-op workers. One proposed by-law - the one that has received the most vocal backlash from opponents - would change the management structure from a top-down hierarchical system where one person can disregard the experience of opinions of thirty people who work in the store daily (and has consistently done so), and replace it with a collective management structure in which all workers have an equal say and an equal vote in the operations of the store. This would create a structure that has been proven successful locally at People's Co-op and regionally at the Olympia Food Co-op. The large majority of staff are in favor of this change and are in fact already operating this way until the new General Manager arrives at the end of November. The vast experience held by the workers, and one year before implementation to fill in any gaps that may be present, will ensure the co-op will stay healthy.

A vocal minority has attempted to stop this vote from happening in the first place and has been relatively successful in keeping co-op members intentionally uneducated on the issues. Please take a look at the proposed by-law changes at  http://mdcbylawchanges.wordpress.com and vote yes if they reflect values that you hold. By-law changes require a 2/3 majority to pass so every vote counts. If you are a co-op member you should have already received your ballot in the mail. If not you can find ballots and information at the co-op. Ballots are due by 4pm on Saturday, November 13th, and according to the by-laws only members who are in good standing one week before the vote are eligible, so if you need to renew your membership you MUST do so by November 6th.

ACG is ours and we have a duty to ensure that it reflect our values - please get active and vote yes for a democratic co-op!

Member for a Democratic Co-op

homepage: homepage: http://albertacoopmdc.wordpress.com/