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Terror Targets Houston/Chicago -- Official Statement to Investigation

The Internet analyses of the of Ghost Troop have become legend to Internet Intelligentsia as the new samizdat. In his statement below to government investigators, Captain May is countering the fifth column that is the real power of Al-Qaeda. The editorial about our missions is accurate, as the archives to which it links will show.
-- CSM Merlin Neadow, Vietnam veteran --
By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

You sure look Irish, even though you have a Hispanic name. My wife is part Irish, too, although you wouldn't know to look at her. With the maiden name of Sonnier, she's more French, in my opinion. We took a month-long hiking vacation across Ireland in the summer of 2001. The next year we took a bicycle trip to the Grand Canyon, covering the 1,500 miles from in six weeks. We sped across the Rocky Mountains at speeds in the thirties, forties and fifties. It was a roller-coaster ride without rails, and we loved it.

Back then I was teaching tae kwon do under Grandmaster Yong Kyu Yu, at Houston's Flying Dragon College. It was he who taught me the bit of Korean I used when being introduced to Koreans, or teaching American students to fight. Master Yu had been a Korean major in the Vietnam War, and his daughter became a American captain in the Iraq War. I've known her fondly since she was in first grade with my daughter and I was a white belt student of her father's. Master Yu asked me to be her trainer during the couple of months between her high school graduation and West Point matriculation. When she graduated four years later I offered to give her an Army sabre, but she knew where the Class of 2005 was going and asked for a revolver instead. She took my took my .357 with her when she piloted Apaches over Iraq.

Thanks to my martial arts training, like Lou Gehrig himself, I kept in shape longer than most. Before I was diagnosed with ALS, I would have said that Pride of The Yankees, the Lou Gehrig story, was one of my favorite movies. After receiving my ALS death-sentence, I went numb for a while, then morbid for a while, then drunk for a while. If there was one thing I didn't want to see, it was Pride of The Yankees.

I was surprised by the movie recently, though, and found that I felt everything about him that I had felt when I was playing little league. I suspect that acceptance has returned me to the more beautiful remembrances of my life, now that the Grim Reaper never strays far from me. I have outlived most ALS patients, you know. Once you meet Mr. Gehrig, five years of life means you've attained a ripe old age. I have lived two score and ten years, and pray that, God willing, I shall live to be the Stephen Hawking of the intelligence world. He is quite the man of iron when it comes to the Iron Man of Baseball's disease.

I have a nick-name, to those who know me and my work: the man of irony. An expert martial artist who won two Texas titles in the long and middle staves, I now sit still and silent, unceasingly. Only my mind is powerful nowadays, so I practice the only martial arts skills I still can: patience and meditation. By applying them I can still enjoy the whirling weapons in my mind. Muscle memory makes my hands feel them again, both their texture and their motion. At night I go to sleep hoping I'll dream my long staff as a redoubtable rook, my nunchucau as a bold bishop, and the cane as a nimble knight. If you enjoy foreign films, watch one of my favorites, The Seventh Seal, in which a crusader plays a chess deathmatch to save the innocents in his plagued homeland.

It's my misfortune, though not my mistake, to have adopted the crusader character in founding and commanding Ghost Troop soon after the Iraq War began. I declared myself to be on a mission of conscience to various commands and inspectors general, lodging complaints about military death counts being grossly underreported, especially in the case the Battle of Baghdad (4/4-4/9, 2003), when the government and media colluded to cover it all up with the disinformation story of Private Jessica Lynch. This made me a military whistleblower with the Army IG, as well as the IG's of III Corps and the Third Infantry Division. All of these accepted and filed my complaint -- and have been unresponsive ever after. I suspect that the public and official aspects of my infowar activities kept me alive -- until I contracted a rare and horrifying fatal illness, that is.

The military declared ALS a service-related illness a couple of years ago, because veterans are twice as llikely as those who never served to contract the disease. I wonder how much the military knows about ALS, and I'm particulary curious as to whether they can induce it. Back in my first Army enlisted tour I was a Chemical Corps NCO teaching at the III Corps Nucleur, Biological and Chemical (NBC) School. My training informs me that all three dirty battlefield killers can cause neurological dysfunction.

Specialist Pat Tillman, another military dissident, was fratricided and covered up before he could go public. Colonel Ted Weshusing, a West Point ethics professor, was suicided weeks before he had promised to spill the beans on his boss, Major General David Petaeus, for allowing war profiteering by military contractors. Specialist Alyssa Peterson, like you and me an MI linguist, made official complaints in September 2003 about use of torture tactics in our treatment of Iraqi prisoners. She was relieved of duties and sent to a containment "suicide prevention" facility, where she was promptly suicided. The list goes on and on. There has been a record number of military suicides since we attacked Iraq, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if half of them were really suicided.

Civilian critics of the Middle East wars could be done away with, too. Rachel Corrie, who protested the illegal acts of Israel in Occupied Palestine, was accidented (run over by an Israeli bulldozer) just days before the initiation of the Iraq War. This happened while Ariel Sharon, aka "The Bulldozer", was giving orders in Israel. Dr. David Kelly told the BBC that the Iraq War was contrived with the aid of "sexed up intelligence". The Blair government had him hauled up before a public inquiry in which the WMD scientist was clearly terrified. On July 17, 2003, he was suicided. New York Times reporter David Rosenbaum was investigating illegal wire taps by the Bush administration in 2005, before he was beaten to death in genteel Georgetown after Christmas. Assassination by mugging was a favorite Soviet technique. The operatives who did the job on Rosenbaum left a verbal irony: George's most vociferous enemy at the time was done away with in Georgetown. Every gang signs its deeds in as a warning to its enemies, whether it's Neo-Nazis like the Aryan Nation or Zio-Nazis like the Mossad.

In these last seven years, Ghost Troop -- 300 military veterans and Internet activists -- has helped me combine my military specialties of WMD Defense (54E), Mililitary Intelligence (35A), and Public Affairs (46A) to develop the nation's first and finest cybercavalry unit. Basically, we act as cyberscouts who patrol cyberspace to gather intelligence unreported or underreported by the media, then present it for analysis in several Ghost Troop Yahoo! Groups. Once we have a clear picture of something suppressed by the government and media, we become cyberraiders by hammering official coverups with the assistance of our alternative media publishers and broadcasters. As you will presently see, although I am not competent to move a finger or utter a phrase, my articles and interviews, done through my eye-gaze computer comands, still influence events. Sometimes my Ghost Troop is merely in the loop, but at critical decision points, we are the loop.

Thanks for your fair-minded, considerate investigation at our Friday meeting. Please accept this article as my statement, and include it in the official record.

Best regards,

Captain Eric H. May
CO, Ghost Troop

+ + + + + + +

To learn more about Captain May and Ghost Troop, or to acess his articles warning of Chicago and Houston terrorism, refer to the editorial Captain Eric H. May Deserves Congressional Medal of Honor at  link to tinyurl.com.