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Getting Progressive Vote for Democrats -- Republicans Protest Masks/ Nose Plug Distrib

Republicans protest to Oregon Attorney General that free nose plugs provided to progressive voters violates Oregon Election Law.
The distribution of cheap halloween masks and swimmers nose plugs to democratic voters who have not yet voted in the states vote-by-mail ballot is a violation of Oregon election law, according to Republican officials. The strict Oregon constitution forbids candidates or candidates agents from providing, "anything of value" to induce either a qualified voter from casting a ballot, or swaying such voter to not cast a ballot.

The Eugene based environmental group Earth Liberation Front (ELF) had suggested that area radicals who might to go to the polls to vote for Proposition 74 (medical marijuana), and to vote against wing-nut candidates like Art Robinson and Dudley, could protect themselves and their reputation by wearing left over halloween marks or freely distributed "marti-gra" style masks and swimmer's noseplugs when they drop their ballot off at the designated drop-boxes on Tuesday (too late to mail them back).

In some area neighborhoods, including the Whittaker, Campus, and some precincts of South Eugene, being caught voting for incumbant democrats and former politicians such as Kitzhaber can result in social snubbing, paranoid stigmatization, or worse.

The largely symbolic nose-plug distribution immediately raised a protest from area Repulicans, despite a claim that the devises were, "party and candidate neutral", and only provided to protect health and well being of the voter.