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The elections are coming

How bad is it?
The Lone Vet
The Lone Vet
Who Has The Power Potato?

The Democratic Party did exactly what they set out to do, hand over the reigns of power to the republicans. Most experts will tell you why the dems lost this coming election, but suppose it is much more sinister than just being out of touch with your base; suppose it was/is by design.

If we agree that the Democratic Party is also in the hands of the Corporations, is it not logical that they would from time to time hand over power back and forth so that we might believe that we do have a republic and not some new form of government completely controlled by the Corporations? The leadership of both parties are not stupid, why then do they make so many mistakes?

My suggestion is they are not making mistakes but just keeping the mob amused by handing power back and forth like some hot potato game we play as kids. This election cycle there will be a shift of power from the dems to the repubs and the majority of our citizens will accept it as just the way things go. We are watching the total destruction of any remnants of a republic, it is happening now, before your closed eyes.

So what evidence is there that this conspiracy is coming to a final conclusion and will be completed before the end of this generation of politicians. The first and most telling is President Obama himself; his fall from grace defies any objective analysis. He rode a wave of hope into the White House and watched as the same wave destroyed our economic system, murdered the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. The leadership of the new House of Representatives on the very first day in 2006 said, "Impeachment is off the table." The leadership of the Senate for the last two years has refused to hold the Senate to a majority vote, Harry could have at any given time used the "Nuclear Option" to get most of what the democrats said they wanted, Single Payer or a robust federal option for all our citizens, closing of Gitmo, investigations into the Bush/Cheney 8 years of horror, torture, political appointments for work done, a new way of using energy, etc. etc. etc. Why did the democrats not run with these things, because they are not democrats and republicans, they are all Corporatist. Harry Reid needed only 51 votes to push anything he wanted in the Senate, most pundits know this, but why would the national news media not talk about this; the are owned by Corporations. Harry Reid never intended to pass any real powerful legislation, only a mild change in the medical coverage was going to happen and that was decided by the Corporations and not Congress.

When the people of Italy or maybe Spain found themselves in the hands of a fascist government they could always hope that Mussolini or Franco would die, (and they did) or be removed from power and their reign of terror would be over; we, on the other hand, have it much worse than the Italians or the Spanish. Corporations never die, they just get a new CEO!! This is indeed the worst of times, and there is no best of times, to reverse a great line from Charles Dickens, in his opening lines about the French Revolution, "A Tale Of Two Cities." The French had some hope, if they could find a great leader; we don't have that luxury. Corporation are run by a board of directors and the members are appointed by the existing board, the stock holders have little to say who runs the Corporation.

So, can we stop this movement before if completes its deadly task, I don't know! The only hope on the horizon is the movement to third parties, but they will have to move fast, time is running out. The voting public is usually less than 70% of the registered voters, they could not tell you the basic components of our body politics, they could not tell you where the hell Guantanamo Naval Base is on a map, most could not tell you who their two senators are, that is no accident, it is by design. Keep the suckers happy but ignorant of any information that might cause them to ask difficult questions. Our citizens have become the perfect patsies.

When you hear all the professionals tell you what has happened, understand that they are multimillionaires who work for the very people who are calling the plays. There are good people in the news media but they are not on your TV. Find people who tell you things that make your mouth open wide, yes it is that bad. Sorry, as I said in the beginning, I have no good news for you, but you'd better tell your friends to start paying attention because all hell is about to break loose.