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Video: Progressive Express reminds us to Vote

I filmed the Progressive Express as it drove through Portland.
The Lone Vet and Roberto were in it, spreading the message "to mail your ballot in".
They are driving around in a brightly decorated truck with political slogan/posters, while bull-horning information.
Progressive Express 2010 Vote!
Progressive Express 2010 Vote!
I talk with The Lone Vet about the Progressive party and some of the candidates who are running.
The Lone Vet also explains about Measure 26-108 and the importance of Voter Owned Elections for Portland.

They named the truck they are riding in the "Progressive Express".
And were driving through downtown Portland "sharing the good news" of real change, when I filmed them.
This is a 11 min YouTube clip.


homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

We do enjoy ourselves!!! 28.Oct.2010 19:58

Lone Vet

Sometimes we just have too much fun; serious stuff but you got to laugh or you will just burn up.

Thanks Joe-Anybody for all your good work!
What a great symbol
What a great symbol

Video: Chris Henry in Pioneer Square - Vote 3rd party 29.Oct.2010 15:45

Joe Anybody ((( i )))

Another 3rd party candidate is Chris Henry who is a Green and a Progressive party member
In this video he introduces him self and the importance of a 3rd party option