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Duel Banners Dropped Against Old-Growth Logging in Eugene Watershed

The Forest Service and Senaca Jones Timber Co. are preparing to cut 300-400 year old trees in the Eugene Watershed in the Trapper timber sale. Cascadia Forest Defenders act to inform the public and pressure the Forest Service to intervene on behalf of clean water, tall trees and the Spotted Owl.
Clean Water.Not for Sale! banner dropped at Forest Service office in Eugene
Clean Water.Not for Sale! banner dropped at Forest Service office in Eugene
Senaca:Don'tPolluteOurWater!GiveBackTrapper! dropped in downtown Eugene
Senaca:Don'tPolluteOurWater!GiveBackTrapper! dropped in downtown Eugene
The Trapper timber sale is 148 acres of native forest near the Blue River reservoir containing groves of old-growth trees 300-400 years old. Trapper is crucial native forest amongst thousands of tree farms from previous Forest Service sales of our public lands. Douglas-fir, western red cedar, grand fir, and the endangered Northern Spotted Owl reside inside the Trapper sale boundary.

The Trapper sale is reminiscent of previous, get-out-the-cut-even-at-our-own-expense, era logging practices. As a known home of the endangered Spotted Owl and ancient trees older than the state of Oregon, the Trapper timber sale must be stopped.

Senaca Jones Timber Company owns the rights to Trapper-our old-growth trees on public land. Originally purchased for 1.8 million dollars in 2003, economic conditions reduced the cost of the sale to $550,000. The complete devastation of our public lands for the price of a second mortgage of a Senaca CEO's home is unacceptable.

Earlier this year the Forest Service proposed a land exchange with Senaca Jones Timber Company; timber rights for a tree farm equal to that estimated in Trapper for the safe, standing Trapper sale. Senaca rejected the proposal and maintains the legal right to cut Trapper at any time.

Cascadia Forest Defenders are reconvening to protect this important ancient forest. For more information on to how get involved please visit www.savetrapper.com or email  forestdefensenow@gmail.com

Cascadia Forest Defender wish list:
Climbing gear
Winter clothing including rainproof jackets and pants, wool socks and sleeping bags.
Canvass/sign making supplies
Handheld radio
Nonperishable food

homepage: homepage: http://www.savetrapper.com