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50 More Loose Nukes - Portland Sure To Be Bombed This Time

MSM reports a series of computer errors at an Air Force base in Wyoming Saturday took 50 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles -- one-ninth of the U.S. missile stockpile -- offline for about an hour. We know the truth, though.
Start making plans to leave Portland again, just like the last time "loose nukes" were reported by the Captain. Of course, Portlanders are the most feared "radicals" in the country, and we are therefore targeted for extermination by the neocons, Israelis and "zionists".

Look around you. How many "zionists" do you see? Better leave while you still have a chance.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? 28.Oct.2010 20:38


Not only is this insanely stupid, it's borderline antisemitic too. And BTW Portlanders are probably among the least feared radicals in the country.

re:notazionist 29.Oct.2010 14:22


You apparently are another Portlander who lacks a sense of irony. However, I appreciate the fact that someone who reads indy in Portland might not be antisemitic. (By the way, anyone who believes this kind of horseshit [many here - check out the posts by Captain Eric H. May, as antisemitic as they come] is not "borderline" antisemitic - she's full bore antisemitic.