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Video: Dynamics of Campaign Finance Reform

An excerpt from a recent forum on Campaign Finance Reform (CFR)held by the League of Women Voters. This clip features the presentation by Barbara Dudley, giving an over view of why this is a necessary part of any Democracy.

Dynamics of Campaign Finance Reform
On November 2, 2010, Portland citizens have an opportunity to retain the public funding of candidates.
Called Voter Owned Elections, Measure 26-108 has provided Portland with the opportunity to get big money private interest money out of the election process, as well as:
Enable individuals without access to special interest pots of money to run for public office;
Increase the geographic spread of how elections are funded. In Portland prior to Voter Owned Election, something like 95% of all contributions to candidates running for citywide office came from downtown addresses. With public funding, this concentration has been broken with those $5.00 qualifying contributions coming from across the city;BR>
Though half the speakers at this Forum focused on the upcoming vote for Voter Owned Elections here in Portland, Barbara's talk concentrated more on the larger picture of CFR in general. Her presentation emphasizes the drastic need for CFR and so emphasizes the importance of retaining what reform now exists in Portland elections.

She concludes her talk with a series of Campaign reforms that the United Nations expects of emerging Democracies, NONE of which are currently a part of the campaign system in the United States.
Dudley lists numerous ways by which the dominance of money could be taken out of campaigns, or at least drastically reduced.

An engaging and enlightening presentation, about 13 minutes in length.

homepage: homepage: http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpre62XIHh8