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Video: VOTE - The Pro party activists on the Morrison Bridge

I stopped by the Morrison Bridge on Tuesday evening and interviewed a couple folks from the "PRO party" (Progressive Party" who were encouraging Portland citizens "TO GET OUT AND VOTE"
VOTE 2010
VOTE 2010
With less than a week to "get your ballot in" i stopped by to get the latest scoop from the Individuals for justice who were out encouraging folks to VOTE

 http://www.youtube.com/user/zebra334?feature=mhum (11.min)

Of course they have their suggested 'party' - but the ultimate message was "Get Out And Vote"

The Lone Vet explains the Voter Owned Election initiative and encourages us all to vote Yes on Measure 26-108

For more information on the "Progressive Party" -  http://www.progparty.org/voterpamphlet2010

Get you ballots in the mail - time is running out

(PS) - Remember to --> VOTE Earl Blumenauer Out <-- (House District 3)

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Vote 28.Oct.2010 15:41

Lone Vet

My understanding is that our Multnomah County is now the lowest voting county. Please vote, you can find good info about voting at the following site: