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A `Dumb War': Taking Stock of the Iraq Invasion

With its invasion of Iraq, the United States rid the Iraqi people of a tyrant. But it also broke the law and destroyed tens of thousands of lives. With the release of close to 400,000 Iraq logs by WikiLeaks and the coming publication of George W. Bush's memoir, it is time to take stock of a war that was catastrophic for Iraq and America's standing in the world.
"The first chapter of this war, the story of the disarming of Saddam Hussein, is also the shortest one. The dictator no longer had any weapons of mass destruction. None of the 391,832 military reports now released mention an appreciable discovery of biological, chemical or nuclear materials. The documents reinforce the conclusion that David Kay, the first director of the "Iraq Survey Group" formed to search for weapons of mass destruction, cited when he stepped down in January 2004: "I don't think they existed."

With audacious irony, Bush initially tried to gloss over the disgrace, even posing for photographs that showed him searching the cabinets in the Oval Office. One of the captions read: "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere."

But despite Bush's flippant approach to it, the affair led to a catastrophic loss of credibility for the United States and its intelligence services. His first secretary of state, Colin Powell, would eventually become a proxy for that loss of credibility, after having told the United Nations Security Council: "There can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more." Powell, who resigned in late 2004, later said that his appearance before the UN was a "blot" on his record.

The disarming of Saddam Hussein, cited as the central goal leading up to the invasion, was not enough to justify this war..."

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Bush's book 27.Oct.2010 07:15


Little George has his book coming out on November 9th. What'll you bet that the RNC made sure that it was released after the elections and not before? Boycott the book and the bookstores that sell it. He can't be allowed any place in any debate, judgement, or ethics involved.

Bush should be standing trial right now 27.Oct.2010 13:48

Jody Paulson

for the crime of lying us into war. His cronies are clearly guilty of treason in the Valerie Plame case ... how far up does that go? What role did he have in torturing innocent people? The untold number of illegal wiretaps on American citizens? What role did he play in the 9/11 attacks? The blood of over a million Iraqis cries out for justice!

re: Bush should be standing trial right now 29.Oct.2010 14:30


Obama should also be standing trial right now. You partisans need to read something to your left.

Obama hasn't (yet) killed as many people as Bush or Clinton, but that's not a legitimate argument against impeaching him. If I kill ten people, no one would accept a defense of "Yes, but I haven't killed as many as other murderers" (well, maybe you partisans would).

If we are to be honorable human beings, we have to stop apologizing for war criminals, even those with whom we identify. (And if you think that "he has to or they will kill his family", then you should want to get him out of office for that reason alone.)