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As the Target has documented for over a decade, the fbi/cia continue their criminal activity designed as a kind of war against him; this is a progress update of the battle.
The fbi's campaign to kill this Target (Geral Sosbee, hereinafter referred to as T) continues unabated for over a decade, 24/7 uninterrupted. Home invasions with tampering therein, destruction of personal property (belonging both to T and his 'amiga') are a part of the psyops which also include sleep deprivation (via psychoelectronic assaults) as T has documented at

Also, 24/7 surveillance in home and car have not stopped for a single minute in the past decade and the terrorists continue to take control of the TV remote and the car's computer system for the purpose of sending strategically timed notices to T. The goal of such assaults on and control over important parts of T's life is apparent.

All law makers at every level, all police and judges and all lawyers, doctors, etc., have not made any effort to contact T regarding the crimes he records, even though overwhelming evidence is available to substantiate many of the claims presented on T's websites

Other compelling evidence of crimes against T are also found at

and cover-ups of the crimes by officials are also documented on many pages of T's site:

Recently ,T attempts to list the names of some doctors who are witness to some of the felonies reported against T. As T sends the report of witnesses' names to the webmaster, the fbi hacks the email as T types same; then, as the webmaster tries to post the report, the fbi again repeatedly hacks the webmaster's computer to cause misspellings, etc., in the text.

Google does nothing to stop the fbi's seizures and deletions of some messages, and Google has ignored all of T's requests for assistance:

Finally, T has no realistic expectation that the fbi will stop the assaults. The concern now is not so much with a life destroyed as with the threat that the fbi and the cia present to all human beings. Failure to address the atrocities that T documents means in essence that the intel groups of the United States have a green light to continue their criminal conduct at will, with impunity, and with the implied blessing of the nation.

T nevertheless is grateful for the discovery of his destiny (though T would have opted out if he had a choice in the matter), as T recognizes that he is become a mind warrior in a largely invisible intellectual and spiritual war truly worth living and dying for.

Thank you kindly.
Geral Sosbee
Harlingen, Texas
(956) 536-3103

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
phone: phone: (956) 536-3103
address: address: po box 3374,harlingen,texas 78551