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Cannabis Delusion and Vegan Straight Edge

Alcohol & tobacco lobbyists are aligned with the pharmaceuticals industry to form the Partnership for a Drug Free America. Statistics about the harm to people from their mishaps reveal the reason that they prohibit & penalize the natural heal-all, sticky-icky "fragrant cane".
The following are researched and reviewed medicinal purposes for dank green buds:

* Alzheimer's disease * Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis * Chronic Pain * Diabetes mellitus * Dystonia * Fibromyalgia * Gastrointestinal disorders * Gliomas * Hepatitis C * Human Immunodeficiency Virus *
* Hypertension * Incontinence * Methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus (MRSA) * Multiple sclerosis * Osteoporosis * Pruritus * Rheumatoid arthritis * Sleep apnea * Tourette's syndrome * and many others

(Source - norml.org//index.cfm?Group_ID=7002)

To end heinous vivisection, required by USDA regulation to precede clinical trials for pharmaceuticals, we do well to see the miracle herb as a powerful ally. Phillip Morris (and Kraft) is owned by Altria Group. Their tests are sometimes perverse - Inserting electrodes into dogs' penises to measure the effect of cigarette smoke on sexual performance. - and they just built the Center for Research & Technology (@ 601 E Jackson St, Richmond, VA (804) 335-2090) despite a PETA campaign urging Richmond's Mayor to rescind the proposal. If people can smoke as much weed as they desire, which studies indicate reduces the risk of cancer in cigarette smokers, then who would want tobacco?

Raw vegan organic lifestyle leaves very little need for western medicine. Truly, the most common debilitating and fatal diseases are remedied with food and hugs not drugs. A naturopathic routine might include marijuana relief and no harm is done to anyone. And rather than smoking grass, it can also be vaporized, eaten raw or infused in tea. Personal experience has brought me to understand that heating over about 140 degrees changes the chemical composition and results in psychoactive stoniness.

That psychoactive effect can be considered psychologically addictive, although neither heated nor unheated is physically addictive, in the sense that it leads to death by overdose or occurring during withdraw. I recall being warned by everyday smokers, years ago, that I wouldn't get high if I ate raw buds. I do not know of scientific evidence that confirms or refutes it, yet I've had both and prefer the raw experience because the mental alteration was more positive.

For external malignancies the tetra-hydra-chlorine (THC) oil can be extracted and applied topically to remove cancer as well as other impurities. This oil is also effective for internal treatment of malignant tumors among a myriad of other ailments. A good resource for information about these statements is documented in a video on www.phoenixtears.ca.

For the naturalist it's important to realize that without the illegalization of cannabis the cotton (Petrochemical Farming), nylon (Petrochemical Rope), and wood pulp to paper (Petrochemical Processed) industries would never have been able to compete with Hemp which did it all without petrochemicals. The land would not have been extensively poisoned, eroded and deforested to near the extent that it has been.

"Pot toxicity does not exist" is stated in the fine print at the bottom of that chart.

Thanks to the puritanical vegan straightedge kids for inspiring the authoring of this article. You reserve the right to self-righteously defend "your" movement by attacking otherwise allies who wouldn't entirely conform to your belief system. Here are leads to investigate before intensifying your resistance against pot users who also live for the liberation of all life from unnecessary suffering. May the Love of our Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father be our motive always- XMX -

Allah knows the way.. 25.Oct.2010 21:36

Allah Akbar

...join the fasest growing religion in the world. You will not need drugs. Follow the religion of peace.

blunt-edge 25.Oct.2010 22:16

I stole that "blunt-edge" thing from someone else

The only person who is xvx that I kinda know and consider to be a friend has repeatedly stated that they have chosen straight-edge as the best way for themself, and does not judge others for smoking weed. MAybe I need to re-read the article, but it kinda seems to me that the author is attacking xvx kids, which in my experience in interacting with xvx kids, is unwarranted.

I do smoke weed. I don't much care who does and who doesn't like it. I don't go around flaunting it in other people's faces, xvx or not. I DO consider most of the xvx kids that I have met to be awesome allies, even if we don't party together (I don't really "party" at all).

So, anyhow, I am asking that the author not create an unnecessary conflict between xvx kids and weed-smokers.

Also, you can just stick that "heavenly father" crap up your ass. That's just my opinion on that.

You miss the point 25.Oct.2010 23:15


So death is the only negative effect that drugs can have? Maybe you should study the psychological damage of intoxication, especially when prolonged and habitual. Perhaps consider that sobriety is not about saving people from dying of overdoses but saving them from the detriments introduced into their lives by the false sense of escape that they gain from mental, physical and emotional crutches.

strawman 26.Oct.2010 10:26


I don't know of any vegan straightedgers who are in favor of the criminalization of marijuana or hemp. If there are VXVers who hold that view they are in the minority.

hippy 26.Oct.2010 10:26

not a hippy

Why do hippy stoners--like Rami Faction--get so defensive whenever they find out someone doesn't like getting fucked up all the time like they do?

So the key to ending animal testing... 26.Oct.2010 17:09


is by smoking more weed? I am baffled at the point you're trying to make here: "If people can smoke as much weed as they desire, which studies indicate reduces the risk of cancer in cigarette smokers, then who would want tobacco?" As if people only smoke cigarettes because they don't have Cannabis available.

I'm Vegan Straight Edge and I am less offended by the obviously vindictive nature of this article towards people who choose to be sober, but more offended by the fact that it's arguments insinuate that cannabis is somehow our "ally" in putting an end to the disgusting and horrific experiments that Vivisectors put animals through. I have plenty of friends who don't identify as Straight Edge or even choose to be sober, but I consider them allies because they're supportive of my decision to better myself both physically and mentally. You're pro-cannabis rhetoric does nothing for the animals locked away in cages up at OHSU, and I think they'd be just as equally as offended to hear you say that inebriation is the key to their liberation.

. 26.Oct.2010 18:09


No shit, sherlock.

If this article is directed to the narrow minded sexist, homphobic, transphobic, windmilling jock meathead XVX person, yeah, of course they will say "fuck weed bro, that shit is mad gay." Those kind of people have a lot of shit wrong with their philosophies. Those people also have no political beliefs and will eventually drop out of the vegan straight edge label and drink beer, eat pork rinds and watch football. They are irrelevant to our movement.

I am straight edge vegan anarchist. I see no wrong in marijuana or others that smoke it. My choice to be straight edge is MY choice and I wouldn't force it on anyone else. All of the XVX people that I associate with are on the same page. You are acting out toward the wrong people. Do not turn your back on your comrades simply because your harbor such misguided hate.

The Point of Issue 27.Oct.2010 03:07

Rami Faction

There is clinical evidence to the benefits of cannabis instead of pharmaceuticals in treating disease. The correlation to how that prevents animal cruelty was established if someone can see beyond their self-righteous urgency complex. Even though I don't use cannabis presently, I've been on it before, and used other drugs. I've been recovering for a little time, using a raw vegan way of life to heal my body. I've listened and talked with meth-addicted people struggling to stay clean, and found some peace with myself about the progress I'm making. Suffice to state; I earned a realization of the detrimental results that addiction brings on the user, as much as everyone whose lives they touch.

Looking beyond where a person is at, to how they can be helped, is the interesting thing. The roots of addiction go way beyond the addicted individual's use, as with all the social sicknesses we experience. Being brave enough to learn how someone got there, there were rougher upbringings for some so some are sicker than others, and just hearing their story helps. Helping the hurting person see another way of life is available to them, if they would have it, is possible for anyone.

A social stigma of addiction blames the addict for being unable to control their use and behavior while under the influence. That is akin to blaming the beaten dog for biting innocent people. There are social conditions beyond the individual which shape the worldview and inculcate their character defaults. Some people don't ever realize or appreciate the gift of lasting sobriety in all their lives. The point is to undertake a personal transformation to the common benefit, right?

The xvx movement represents a timeless wisdom of naturalness that recommends abstaining from harming self or others to grow spiritually. My hope is that the music stays positive rather than vengeful, as even killing can be done for mercy. No excuse or clemency to people who are more hurtful than helpful, only pity and compassion. Music is art is beautiful is love is NEVER cruelty.

Some people took offense and reacted to my statement of genuine gratitude; that specific xvx kids inspired this thread on the topic of cannabis acceptance within an xvx identification. How and why? Their personal choice was expressed on disrespectful faces to the inquiry I had in thinking about cannabis (or other naturally occurring, unrefined psychotropic medicines) as my personal choice, while aligned with "their movement". It goes nearly without mention to not attend a show, a protest, or an organizing meeting while altered...duh.

Staying anonymous is self-evident security culture. My anonymity as a cannabis user was repeatedly broken by a 10 yr veteran of the xvx scene, yet I was repeatedly disrespected after I once sent texts with a photo of an action which wasn't done by them or myself. Efforts to humiliate me were recurrent and I acknowledged that mistake publicly on several occasions. That's a piece of shit story which is neither here nor there anymore.

Once I asked the singer of an amazing California xvx band what her stance is and she replied that she knows many people who use medical cannabis and claim edge, she has no problem there, and considers their edge legitimate. I find it to be a valuable discussion here because of this apparent inconsistency within the movement. It obviously is a pivotal discussion which flares angry attitudes, so I gently poke at it.

Being fine with the phrase "Earthly Mother" while objecting to "Heavenly Father" is interesting. Those are, like the scriptures of many mythos of ancient origin, supposed to be non-literal. They are well-understood if thought of as the balance of energy within each individual. A person's unique emotional response emerges from the experiences of childhood with actual parents, thin ice.

So anyhow, I've been hopeful that we might be superbly capable to shrug off the advert of consuming processed and toxic substances with as much ease and comfort as we shrug off the notion that we are well-defined by a generic label. There is more to anyone than any word, scene or movement can express. Whoever we are, when working for a common good, we can accept others for who they are if we fully accept ourselves as we are. No one has all the answers. There is One with all power and we're mere passing thoughts.

For straight-edge to be meaningful to me it isn't people who never used any drugs just stroking themselves on that. It will forever be a song of resistance to the hopeless self-defeatism of the east-coast hardcore punk scene that Ian McKay wrote out of his experience. False pride is like an ego that elevates itself above others for what it doesn't do that they do. Choice clearly is outside the awareness of active addicts. Addiction is a physical and mental disorder of obsession and compulsion. If a person has suffered an addiction then sings to celebrate being released from it, that is meaningful.

XVX, I do believe that people will smoke far less tobacco when cannabis is nonsensical. Do you really think that's nonsensical or were you short for attack points? Cannabis is opposed, to the tune of millions, by alcohol-tobacco-pharmaceutical for their profit motive.

It's a watertight case. People choosing not using weed isn't a problem, it's a choice. Going to jail for using weed is a reality. It's as if the xvx kids I referred to are of lineages who take "Reefer Madness" hook, line and sinker. To rephrase the issue: maybe some plants are toxic and shouldn't be consumed and some are perfectly safe to consume. That is a pretty simple truth. Beings (and movements) which fail to adapt are bleeped out of existence.

The security culture side is the primary problem I see with using cannabis due to its criminalization. Again, I have used before, not in the past 100 days, it is something I have used a lot and never had difficulty to stop for any duration. Were cannabis legal I would grow a lot of it. I can be rigorously scientific sometimes. Drug use is an area I have thoroughly studied through the years. I had the luck of being brought into recovery before using intravenous drugs or I may have died with a needle in my vein.

Cannabis can help hard drug users and even alcoholics through detox; indeed a powerful ally, because then recovery can begin and release an addict from the bondage of self-centered fear. "A miracle is a change in perception" -on the cover of the fur documentary, The Witness.

Watertight case? 27.Oct.2010 20:49


Save your pity party Rami Faction. There are plenty of people out there that have come from rough backgrounds that never chose to get involved with drugs or alcohol. Even still, there are more that became addicted at a young age but broke away from it. Why do you want to identify as straight edge but not actually commit to a sober lifestyle? Why are you trying to ARGUE your way into a movement who's ethics you don't adhere to? Why can't you be supportive of a movement that's fighting for animal rights, the same as you, without cutting down individuals who are a part of it?

I guess I don't know why I continue to argue with you, after all you made such a "watertight case" earlier with all that "cannabis is better than cigarettes so that must mean phillip morris will crumble" nonsense.