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Project Media Fail- Call the media on being idiots when they are idiots

A website has been set up where you post examples of corporate press dishonesty.
What is mediaFAIL?

Every day, we read and watch "news" that favors sensation over substance. Meaningless sideshows can dominate the news cycle for days, blocking out real issues of public concern. Worse, what often passes for reporting is badly sourced, unaccountable and tainted by commercial interests and trivia.

It's time to FAIL a failing media.

MediaFAIL is a user-powered project of Free Press that exposes the worst in American media. Just find a link, post it, fail it, and share it with friends. The top-rated submissions will migrate to the site's front page for all the world to see.

We don't just want to give the media a failing grade we want it to pass. That's why we're featuring links to actions on important campaigns by Free Press and our allies, so that you can help build a better media system.