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Mid-Night Power outage in Buckman Neighborhood , KBOO still Broadcasting

Explosion sound and a check outside sees all dark on the other side of Burnside, K.B.O.O. is all darked out also, except Emergency Lights, seen from the windows, a check of the 90.7 F.M. signal comes in great.
I hear the sound of an explosion, (maybe transformer blew or somebody ran into something, K.B.O.O.'s JBJ says maybe wind did it, I walked around the neighborhood, but could not tell.) I called to K.B.O.O. as requested by JBJ at the controls, he said K.B.O.O.'s generators kicked on and I said sounds like K.B.O.O. is still broadcasting, good music too. Good to know. The power outage seems to include half of East Burnside from S.E. Grand to S.E. 20th, and most of the triangle of East Burnside & Sandy & Grand, past S.E. 12th & Sandy, a couple of blocks north of Burnside up to S.E. 20th in the Buckman Neighborhood. It's been like 45 minutes. Power is still out across the street.