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FACTS stand alone

FACTS stand alone
If they were FACTS, then you wouldn't have felt compelled to continually repeat them. Things that are FACTS stand alone without having to be reintroduced every 5 minutes. That you felt the need to continually post your FACTS showed everyone that your FACTS always needed to be proped-up, which causes us all to realize that they are not really FACTS, but FICTION. You see, FICTION has to be continually reinforced, not FACTS. So you see Hexy, everytime you post, it's just another piece of incrimidating evidence that your are more interested in proping-up your FICTION. If you want to prove something is a FACT, post it once and then don't comment on it anymore. If it is FACT, it will stand up to scrutinity. If you can't help but defend it, then it's FICTION. So far, you've only provided FICTION by evidence of your continual defending of your FICTION.