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Dick Cheney Was Right! Torture Works.

That's if you are torturing for the explicit purpose of having torture victims confess to crimes they didn't commit.
Dick Cheney Was Right! Torture Works.

By Lloyd Hart

That's if you are torturing for the explicit purpose of having torture victims confess to crimes they didn't commit. And that of course is exactly why the U.S. Military and intelligence agencies used torture, to extract false confessions for everything under the sun related to the War on Terror from captured individuals in U.S., British and their proxies custody. All deliberately done to maintain the narrative, continued financing and execution of the Pentagon invented phony war on terror.

If the 911 trials actually go ahead using information extracted during the use of torture, will the world accept the already planned guilty verdicts the U.S. Military and intelligence agencies have scripted for this scene in their sorted war on terror propaganda love affair with the U.S. Military and intelligence budgets that they extract from the pissing in their pants compliant politicians in the U.S, congress and White House? Will the world see Barrack Obama as the 2008 hero of democracy he proclaimed himself to be? Especially now, with this second very large dump of secret U.S. Military and intelligence files into Wikileaks, documenting Iraqi proxy torture, summary executions and sport murder of Iraqi civilians by U.S. and British troops etc. etc...

Having lived here in the U.S. for about twenty years I find the America public's acceptance of the use of torture in the war on terror or the American left's simply taking it in, in stride, as normal American behavior as torture is used every day in America to extract false confessions from black, latino or undesirable white guy pot smokers in police departments all across this country.

The case of Abner Louima come to mind.

Etc. etc. etc. etc...

The reality is, America has practiced collective torture on blacks and latinos as a deliberate not so secret unwritten policy to maintain racial segregation of neighborhoods and schools through constant police harassment, racial profiling and torture to extract false confessions keeping the majority of the radically bloated American prison population made up of mostly blacks and latinos. This grotesque just on the face of it but when you add in the fact that whites commit most of the crime in America, it can leave you permanently demoralized. The war on drugs was just another tool added to the mix to maintain white superiority in the economy and the illicit drug economy as the corporate media pretends all the drug dealers in America have dark skin.

The L.A.P.D. Rampart Division Scandal

Ok, let's make the use torture our official policy!

I was recently watching the former Governor of New York Elliot Spitzer interview the famed attorney Allan Dershowitz on Spitzer's new show on CNN in which Spitzer fawned over his former Harvard law professor as Dershowitz seriously proposed and was supporting the idea that the United States create a section in the law where prosecutors could go to a judge and request a "Torture Warrant" which would protect the authorities from future prosecution and sanitize the material acquired through the use of torture from being excluded in trial.

Allan Dershowitz has clearly gone criminally insane and is now supporting changes in the law that could only compare him to the lawyers in Nazi Germany who wrote and past laws to support the confiscation of Jewish owned property, deportation of Jews from Germany and eventually the total extermination of the all Jews on the planet in what is now known as the Holocaust.

But Dershowitz is not the only American liberal to adopt this mentality, it seems to have spread far and wide. The fact is that the U.S. Attorney General's refuses to bring war crimes charges against the previous regime in the White House and the continuing regime in the Pentagon and President Barrack Obama's refusal to close the Guantanamo physician assisted and approved torture factory and stating publicly that the U.S. needs to look to the future and not look to the past, is direct complicity in a cover up so monumental that it will eventually lead to the total collapse of all legal authority everywhere.

What Barrack Obama is saying to the world by his complicity in this unprecedented cover up is, we, America have the military might and the rest of you don't, so shut the fuck up and do as we say.

Well, to this I say, you, Mr. President Barrack Obama and Dick Cheny and the entire U.S. Military and intelligence establishment can go fuck yourselves. You and your phony American Exceptionalism can kiss my ass!

American Exceptionalism