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Videos: Obama Protest in Portland Oregon 10.20.10

When Obama Came to Town
A protest of various opinions lined the streets
At times on the sidewalk, it seemed surreal, with many shouts of every kind of topic
Obama Protest in Portland  2010
Obama Protest in Portland 2010
When Obama came to Portland to support the Democrat candidate for Governor there was a few protest going on outside of the Portland Convention center. One group was the tea party wearing shirts that said "We are AFP" there was a few hundred on one side of the street. There was a "Peace & Justice" group of around 50-60 people that were staged around the MLK entrance doors and across the street /on the corner that was on the same side of the street as the tea bag crowd. There was a lone (un)Christian who was yelling at everyone on a corner with a big sign and his bull horn who I have a short debate with and then he leaves for a while. At the end of the video Obama drives by and I film a Portland citizen flipping of the motorcade as it drives by.

The event was on 10.20.10 and was attended by over 5,000 who clapped and cheered for the ongoing lunacy that our Imperialist government still engages its self in, under the disguise of (sic)democracy and freedom.

Obama in Portland Oregon the protest on 10.20.10
(47 min)

Portland Motorcade Flip Off
(1:44 min)

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

video from protest - going to hell 24.Oct.2010 00:00

Joe Anybody

video short from the Obama protest (11 min)


Un christian hell raiser bull horns the crowds / protesters till a few confront him.

Direct Action 24.Oct.2010 10:45

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Below is a wonderful video of students using direct action the way it is supposed to be used. I am so tired of standing for hours holding a sign and yelling at people who don't care and being ignored by the "Corporate Media." Code Pink has used this form of protest and so have other groups. We used this when Karl The Criminal came to Portland on a small scale because the damn tickets were so expensive. For all of us who are struggling to figure out what is an effective way of demonstrating our anger with our foreign policy, this is a good video.


What should have happened is that a thousand people should have been in line and entered the convention center, and when President Obama was five minutes into his speech 100 at a time could have stood up and left. Maybe the entire thousand at one time would have been better, anyway you should be able to get my message here. The fact that the Convention Center was jammed with supporters is our failure to be creative. Those who stood with protest signs, and/or gave the finger to the motorcade should be proud of what they did, but times are a changing and we have to do better. The leadership of the organizations who call for protests need to change their approach or the leadership needs to be changed. We don' t have much time left and new tactics need to be implemented.
As far as the guy with the bullhorn who says he is a Christian, if he goes to heaven I want to go to hell. Jesus in the Bible is a gentle, understanding, compassionate leader and would shun this man who acts more like Judas than Jesus......how sad!

Joe-Anybody, you do wonderful work and we are lucky to have you in Portland.

Video: Obama Protest - Portland Or. - 15 min out-takes of the protest 25.Oct.2010 09:56

joe anybody ((( i ))) iam@joe-anybody.com

Here is a 15 min YouTube video clips from the footage of when Obama was in Portland.

Filmed on 10.20.10 outside of the Convention Center.

This is "protest" out-takes (for youtube) from the full version that is hosted on Archive .org

Video: from protest - An Interview with Michael Meo 25.Oct.2010 21:17

Joe Anybody

This is a short out-take from the protest when Obama was in Portland.
This 5 min YouTube clip is an interview with Michael Meo who is a Green Party Candidate for House District 3
(The same district that Earl Blumenauers has been fumbling with)

Michael Meo for Congress
Michael Meo for Congress