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"Conversations with Terrorists": Reese Ehlich

Two videos from www.therealnews.com, October 15, 2010 and October 23, 2010
VIDEO: "Conversations with Terrorists" - www.therealnews.com October 23, 2010
Reese Ehrlich: "All violence against the U.S. is being defined as "terrorism."

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VIDEO: U.S. Media and Afghan War = www.therealnews.com October 15, 2010
Reese Ehrlich: Military downplaying biggest surge of the war

 link to www.therealnews.com

Reese Erlich is a best-selling book author and freelance journalist who writes regularly for the Dallas Morning News, Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Radio and National Public Radio. He has won numerous journalism awards, including the prestigious Peabody (shared with others). He is the author of several books, and is currently touring across the country promoting his most recent one called: Conversations with Terrorists: Middle East Leaders on Politics, Violence and Empire, published in September 2010. You can find Reese's tour dates on his website www.reeseerlich.com.

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