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Handy Guide for Chevron Protests 2.0

The is the 2.0 version of the Handy Guide. For our benefit we should know who they are, who they work with, and who creates and promotes their brand. We also have some of their network information.
Here is a handy little guide for environmental activists who need to know more about the corporate giant that owns the largest toxic oil spill in the history. Included are timely tidbits in 5 major categories:
  • Chevron corporate profile,
  • Chevron goes to Ecuador,
  • Chevron websurfing,
  • Who sells Chevron?, and last but not least
  • Chevron drills into the future.

The online version -
Who is Chevron, who promotes their greenwash ?
- contains useful links to information that might be included in a "long version". The offering below is absolutely up-to-date as of 10-22-2010. (see original article for html version, complete with links) Enjoy.

- dave

homepage: homepage: http://green.blogspot.com

Where is the pdf version? 23.Oct.2010 07:07

David Roknich

I tried to upload the pdf here, but I see it failed.
There are links to the 3 page flier at  http://green.blogspot.com -
you can also post related contributions there.
As soon as the rain stops, I'm ready to print some up and start distributing some myself.

the word the 24.Oct.2010 23:39

David Roknich

OK so my typing sux and the word "the" fogive and let live. The flier is clean copy. If you find a typo pls let me know.