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Wikileaks to Publish 400,000 Docs Saturday Detailing U.S. War Crimes

American public is fat and complicit, not as asleep as they pretend to be.
Amy Goodman on Democracy Now this morning announced that Wikileaks will tomorrow publish 400,000 more U.S. military internal documents. These look to provide even more proof of U.S. war crimes, many during Obama regime.

Atrocities caused by Tax Exemptors 23.Oct.2010 01:15



YES we can cites 9/11 inconsistencies to draw support for election involvement

Until tax exempt status is Abolished

The tax Exemptors are the shadow government who benifit from the atrocities!

and the averge wage earner is saddled with supporting them by working at least five months a year to pay taxes.

Who benifits?

the Tax Free Federal reserve which is Privately owned, www.Libertyforlife.com

the Tax free religious institutions
Why wasn't this the target of 911?
Why wasn't this the target of 911?