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Massive Banner Hang Against Vivisection

October 22nd, 2010
Contact: Email-  pdx_adl@riseup.net

Activists hang massive banner from Hawthorne Bridge in protest of OHSU vivisection
Portland, OR- In the early morning of October 22nd, activists hung a
massive banner over the Willamette River that read, "OHSU: Stop Killing
Monkeys Now!" The action was done in solidarity with National Primate
Liberation Week. For more information on NPLW:

Primates in laboratories are subjected to horrible experiences. Recent
government documentation has revealed primates dying of dehydration,
starvation, hypothermia, heat stress, being boiled alive in cage washers,
wasting diseases, hepatitis, encephalitis, and many other severe

Just this week, the research watchdog organization Stop Animal
Exploitation Now! released a list of the worst primate research
laboratories in the country. The list ranks the labs based on living
conditions and negligent deaths, both of which OHSU has a poor history
with. Such a poor history, in fact, that OHSU was ranked the 6th worst in
the country.

As reflected in the USDA's 2009 Animal Use Report filed for the ONPRC, the
facility had subjected 259 primates to inadequate living conditions and
cruelty, such as severe restraint, multiple surgeries, food deprivation,
lack of environmental enhancement, deficient cage cleaning standards and
insufficient cage size requirements. Additionally, the last several USDA
inspection reports show that at least four negligent deaths have occurred
at the ONPRC recently.

Portland Animal Defense League has long targeted OHSU for dealing in
exploitation, death, and scientific fraud. For several years, ADL has
engaged in a campaign of education and exposure, illuminating the public
to the torture, fraudulent science and "scientists", and wasted tax
dollars that characterize the Oregon National Primate Research Center.
Those efforts recently culminated in a road blockade outside of the ONPRC
in late June that resulted in the arrest of five activists.

Yet activists are not done with OHSU.

"This banner drop acts as a reminder to OHSU that activists and the
concerned public have not forgotten about them. No one has forgotten about
the atrocities they commit each and every day," says Justin Kay of the
Portland Animal Defense League. "As long as there are animals imprisoned
at the primate center, OHSU will have to answer to the demands for their


homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxanimaldefenseleague.org

More photos 22.Oct.2010 09:33


More photos

Fantastic! 22.Oct.2010 09:55


But a suggestion...

I went to the url listed on the banner...

It would be great if there were a link or information about the primate center, not just actions to take against it. Lots of people seeing that banner don't even know primate experimentation exists here, and need to be educated.

The SPEAK campaign used to have a site that was activism oriented, but equally education oriented. Maybe even have a stream of Matt's video on the page that people go to.

that's telling them! 22.Oct.2010 11:32


way to go!!! your really letting them have it!!

RIGHT ON!!! 22.Oct.2010 12:30


Seriously- You people rock! Keep being a voice for animal rights & justice!

Just Delete Animal Hating Troll's Ridicule 22.Oct.2010 17:46

Eugene Supporter

Thanks for doing the banner drop... beautiful! I know a doctor who tortues monkeys, and I know they don't want publicity on it and are much scared of animal rights actions and the threat of growing public option against their pseudo science.

Hey "stunned" 22.Oct.2010 18:27


I'm not surprised that you used sexism to get your inaccurate point across.

In fact, the story of the banner drop was carried by the Oregonian, and getting public awareness and discussion going is at least half the battle to ending OHSU's atrocities. So actually, it was quite an effective action.

Good work activists!

Banner Drop On Film 22.Oct.2010 23:13


Check out this great short film of the banner drop that Vegan This put together:


the video 23.Oct.2010 20:27

another activist

Actually, the video was put together by ADL, veganthis just reposted the youtube video on their blog.