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A Note from Eric McDavid

Eric asked that we pass this along...
Hello everyone,

Eric asked that we pass this along...


found this pc roll'n @ the pod & thought it 2 good not 2 pass on; i don't have access 2 social networks but've heard they're pretty big out there, so figured it'd have an appreciative audience... ... 2 much Love 4 all your support, would've been near impossible 2 get this far w/out you; do'n well N Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit... Stay Strong

From Victorville Medium II
w/Love and Solidarity,

find your Joy

Security Culture Where?

my curious nature has gotten the best of me concerning the continued use of online social networks - their impact on nurturing healthy relationships and security culture w/in communities. be'n that communication is the keystone of creating and maintaining relationships, the environment in which that communication takes place is of the utmost importance. by exploring those environments we play & create w/in, as well as the repercussions of their subtle and obvious aspects, we can live and play more consciously (read 'safely') throughout our lives = critical reflection is action. if we utilize a possible perspective remembering the Machiavellian intentions and foundations of the State, and ask the question = "How would the State use online social networks?" some of the parts for consideration might be the scores of data collection agencies, corporations, etc. which scour the internet for information in the interests of advertising, P.R., security, etc. (who regularly provide their databases to any requesting govt agency); not to mention the State agencies which are made for the same purposes. those aspects alone could possibly translate into these social networks being used to monitor my friends and myself; where my profile provides essential information for (you guessed it) profiling = routines, intents, development, etc.; and may be a platform where false profiles could be made to match up w/my friends and myself (to what ends would they be used?). but if we're doing nothing wrong, there's nothing to fear - right? perhaps the spectacular comforts we've grown accustomed to may end up be'n the very things that blind us from the warnings of our Hearts - one of the biggest barriers being how our minds dismiss that warning as happenstance, nothing, a fluke, coincidence (cultural programming is hard to reverse and even more difficult to recognize). we would do well to open our Hearts further to those feeling which arise from our depths. regardless of how muffled the voice of our Hearts has become amongst the blitzkrieg of stimuli surrounding us, it is quality that's rooted in the authentic - not the bombarding quantity we currently find ourselves be'n subjected to.

another question bubbles up from deep w/in = "what will we choose to nurture?"

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