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Joe Biden in Vancouver, WA

Biden came to support Patty Murray D for Senate. Like Joe Anybody reported on the Obama event, I found the same situation here. Of course I was a protester!
Tuesday Oct. 19, Joe Biden came to Vancouver, WA in support of re-election of Sen. Murray. It was held at the Pearson Air Museum on 5th St, a location of the National Park Service (just below Ft. Vancouver). Only 3 of us from Vancouver for Peace stood outside. There seemed to be dozens of tea-baggers and supporters of Dino Rossi R. Park Service told us we had to stand in a "Free Speech Zone," which put us away from the people standing in line to enter.

Soon protesters from those other groups stood in front of us, and refused to move aside. So we from Peace moved closer to those standing in line. Then Security told us we were ok there, just don't start walking when the motorcade approached. (The "rules" for protesters were changed 2-3 times). Park Service had previously said they have the authority to delegate our speech location, even though we argued the constitution says otherwise.

Three of my liberal church friends entered the Air Museum, very disappointing. I am NOT a part of that establishment! How can you support a politician who always votes for Iraq and Afghanistan war funding and $ to support apartheid Israel?

I had to leave before the motorcade, but I was told by another protester that the motorcade was escourted by PORTLAND POLICE on motorcycles that went between the protesters and the museum so that the protesters would be unseen.

The masses are oblivious.

joe biden and the secret brain anuerism from 1989 22.Oct.2010 12:49


ever wander who pulls the strings of an inept senator.. just look at the handlers of biden.. he is unqualified for v.p and all other jobs.. but, power mongerers always have a group of low lifes williing to pull the strings in order to stay in power... he should be taken off the v.p ticket.. his mind is sick..pre 1989 he was the blue collar perception.. post 1989 he was a regurgitated reminder who now wants to blame the activists in the u.s.