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Why can't France happen here??

Go to this link to view 45 pictures of days long protests by French HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.
YES. High school students. What with the fascists handing our asses to us and all, why hasn't this happened in the u.s.? Not asking like "What the fuck is wrong with us?!" -Well, maybe I am.- Regardless, I am interested in what it would take to see civil disobedience on a similar scale here.

 link to news.yahoo.com

The reason is.... 21.Oct.2010 20:38

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

The American middle class has been bought off since the end of world war II. This economic down turn is the first time since the 1930s that Americans are being cynically economically rendered so aggressively by oligarchs who are attempting the same extreme social engineering they performed in the 1930s. They may even have another world war in mind to wipe out the same competition that rose up against them in the late 1800s and the early part of the twentieth century.

The problem is the American middle class haven't completely come to terms with the fact they are being deliberately and permanently push down the economic ladder. However, if you go back to the twenties and the thirties you will find riots, homeless camps in central park and all across America, regular direct violent confrontations between labor and corporate goons backed by the Pinkertons and the police and sometimes the military. In the end though the living wage for working people won the day but only after the American and European oligarchs created their war in Europe to destroy all of their competition coming up from the grassroots. The nazis were the American and European oligarchs proxy army that they directly financed and then did the oligarchs bidding to destroy their ideological competition.

The American public will eventually react to what is happening to them but reaching critical mass will simply take time.

High School Students and More - Pictures 23.Oct.2010 19:52


Many good pictures from October 2010 protests in France - high school kids, workers, elderly, and just about everybody else!