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Obama rises to the occasion of a 5K+ strong audience, and encourages Oregonians to get involved in the latest electoral process. A strong showing of supporters (and Tea Party folks) are in attendance.
This is Martha Perez, reporting to you live from the Oregon Convention Center, where tonight thousands of guests are treated to a stunning who's who of political luminaries, including President-elect Barack Obama. The list of dignitaries include: Earl Blumenauer, David Wu, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Bill Bradbury, Lew Frederick, etc, along with a number of retired politicos, as well as a number of county, city, & state legislators, council members and candidates (Bob Stacey, Loretta Smith, etc). There is also a huge pro-union presence, with dozens of members from the various organizations (SEIU, AFL-CIO, Teamsters, Electricians, ICLU, etc) and affiliates.

Prior to the event, a sizable protest put on by Americans For Prosperity and/both Tea Party organizers were visible along NE MLK Blvd, marching northward on MLK, across the street from the Convention Center. There was also a respectable showing of Progressives & their supporters. There was something for everyone, irregardless of party affiliation. Vendors were hawking Obama merchandise, such as posters, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and Obama Teddy Bears. Various organizations were also handing out flyers & leaflets in support of various ballot issues now coming to a vote (medical marijuana, voter owned elections, etc).

At one point, a participant fainted and had to be carried away from the proceedings, which temporarily disrupted the event. A protestor shouted loudly inside the premises and was escorted away by security. There was an entire section of audience devoted to John Kitzhaber (who also showed up). There was a strong security perimeter surrounding the event area (both inside & outside).

Reporting to you live from NE Portland, I'm Martha Perez, General Political Activist.

thanks for the report - but I wonder about solidarity with the peace activists? 21.Oct.2010 11:01

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

I went to the event and 'proud' to report back, I didn't "buy in" to go in.

I can not believe how many people continue to support this Imperialist Leadership of the hope n change *mirage!

Yeah I listen to the speech on the radio when I was going home from the protest.
Hell-if "thats all I knew" (just hearing the lone speech) I would go inside and clap and scream too ...
(Just like an Elvis concert)

BUT.... I choose to stay outside and support the "Peace Movement" in "solidarity!"

While Outside:

I listen to the selfish "Tea Party folks"
I listened to the Christan(not) megaphone hate speech ranter(s).
I watched the cops stand around watching everyone.
I watched the corporate pundits all lined up with bright lights and satellite antennas and recording vans.
I watch the thousand "O" supports filter into the building like kids waiting for the circus.

I shook my head in wonderment!
It looked as if the people were 'just following" the next guy.
The sheep all seemed to just follow the person in front of them ...who followed the next person...who followed the next ...this blind follow the leader (figuratively speaking) is the well worn path to never make any change at all, exactly like what we are living and seeing as we speak today. (lost hope and no change)

But if you did go inside ....when Obama started repeating those old tired lies of Hope n Change" if you were inside you could (maybe) get goosebumps when he spoke and you "could stand and clap" ...for it does "sound" good. The problem is ...sounds good is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

I see this whole charade as one giant big "hood wink" ...it actually breaks my heart and is pretty depressing.

Less than 50 people stood their ground for DEMANDING PEACE outside across from the MLK entrance.

Those are the activist that I stand in solidarity with.

Thats my hope for change, no mirage, no smoke and mirrors, no ticket needed, no line to stand in, just standing on the firm principles of peace and Justice.

A video from protests outside coming soon ((( i )))

re: "DEMANDING PEACE" 22.Oct.2010 15:21


All fascists are for peace, peace on their imperial terms. Obama is for peace. Both Bushes were for peace. Hitler was for peace. Ditto "anti-war".

Ask the Palestinians or the Lebanese or the Iraqis if they want peace before justice.

"Take a minute and think of the mess the peace movement has created. First, the very name reflects the movement's shallowness. What good is a hypocritical, utterly out-of-touch and ineffective 'peace movement,' when beyond question ordinary people on this earth want justice before they want peace? The U.S. government and its ultra-close ally Israel actually want more unjust colonial wars and covert action to strengthen their own already unjust influence over a major part of the globe, in this case the Middle East. Peace above all is for those who support the status quo, but if you're in that category you're in a small minority. So let's banish the peace movement and get a global justice movement going. Peace may be all right long-term, but if you're one of the angry billions on this earth constantly surrounded by a stench of injustice that smothers all hope, chances are that, in your mind, peace should follow justice, not precede it. Chances are, in fact, that you have no favorable thoughts of any type about U.S. peaceniks."
(from:  http://www.counterpunch.org/christison08272007.html)

The first step to take is to undue the change/hope hypnosis of those under the sway of Obama, who is, as Matt Taibbi said so well, "the same old deal dressed up in black skin and a natty suit." The second step is to create the fear of the people that European policy-makers have. Peace is last on the agenda, at least if you care about justice.