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Kickstart Your Consciousness

For those who are hurting, broke, different, abused, manipulated, homeless, hungry, thirsty, and your so called religious leader is telling you, you need to live their way, give more, do more for them for free, and in return all you get is "you'll be saved from future events" tell them to SHOVE IT! THE WALL IS COMING DOWN! Get ready
Maybe it is time for us to regain control of our mind and body, and get the snake-oil salesmen out of this Creation's business the god

The Beautiful Truth - Max Gerson's Gift to ALL


Inventing diseases and dangerous antidotes to them, and making them a part of our mind/body program. An affront to our Creator and the perfection of natural balance.

The creation of disease by modern medicine and society.

In fact I postulate and can prove that due to the quasi-infinite power of mind hypnosis (belief), modern corporate medicine has created more ill "syndromes" by "dis-ease causing belief placebo effect" than cured them.

Shocking but true.

Just be aware of what the crooks are selling you by hook and by crocks

 link to www.cnn.com


Maybe it is time for us to regain control of our mind and body, and get the snake-oil salesmen out of this Creation's business.

I think we should all realize and accept that we are suffering of GOLAM (Gave Our Life Away to Marketeers) syndrome...

Maybe it is high time for all the trusting, purposely dumbed down, Golams to wake up and be freed of this enslaving Matrix of dirty money and insidious power....


We polluted and poisoned our bodies, minds, spirits, and environment, almost to the point of no return. Then again we all have free will to accept or reject the mind programs

Smile for there is a new dawn may be be coming where we CONSCIOUSLY create and propagate more good news and more good "ease" causing programs. We all carry the keyboard of High level programming language of our mind/body computer which uses human thought language and gets breaks it down, using Divine DNA, into machine level body/mind instructions by our subconscious (syntax translating thought language machine located in the so-called junk DNA because scientists cannot see its raison d'etre and which encompasses over 97 % of our DNA, - see  http://www.aeonia.com/russian-dna-disco ... nd-blowing . And let's not even speak about parallel Higher strands that are not even seen because they vibrate at such high rate that our modern laboratory microscopes cannot even detect them in a standing light wave pseudo-material format) . Get hold of it and start using it! You all came with it from Divine factory.

Stop believing blindly in concepts because, because you find it in print or journals, in what other inherited, born-in, or learned structures and beings tell you is truth unless they have no personal interest in your espousing it. Realize your truth and your power by connecting within and getting the feel for any information you are exposed to. If it feels really smiley and right then give it the sacrament of your attention. If it feels and bring unease, and fear, then let it go by the wayside
Get out of the ultimate mind slavery: the power of thought controlled by others. Most have not and cannot, and stay on this plane and repeat it endlessly this and other canned stories, and thence have a long way to go, as very very few really free themselves. Most go from one story and then fall for another one, and another one, and another one, almost ad infinitum... From one life to another one. From one world to another one, all within the same Lattice/Matrix.

mind blowing discovry

Here's a fun, informative and "irreverent" interview ed did with
Michelle Johnson on her Kickstart Your Consciousness Radio
Show on Blog Talk Radio. In the interview, we discuss (among
other things): telepathy, spiritual battles, the Illuminati,
duality, esoteric anatomy, the reason "evil" exists, the
nature of God, the near death experience, and politics (the
impetus for my "irreverent" comment). (59:20)

Kickstart Your Consciousness
 link to clicks.aweber.com

If you missed my TV interview with Allan on Bridging Heaven
and Earth, you can watch it here:

Bridging Heaven and Earth.
 link to clicks.aweber.com

There are other interviews listed on the Media page of my
Mystic Warrior site that you may enjoy:

Mystic Warrior Media
 link to clicks.aweber.com

Edwin Harkness Spina is the author of the award-winning
visionary thriller, Mystic Warrior and the developer of

Energy Center Clearing
 link to clicks.aweber.com

Total Love Immersion.
 link to clicks.aweber.com

P.S. Please pass this on to any who
could use a little less stress and more love in their lives.

the raising sun and the new earth
a map of the futur as being propose by the childrend of light new earth vision as being share . many as risen to share the glory of the raisin sun its a ocasion to celebrate the return of of light. honoring earths new day the return to prime creator and the beguining of conscious co-creation. this is a time of greatness beckons for all humanity at the very heart of every human being a time for celebration is at the fore. the wisdom keeper of earth would like to congratulate each and every soul who has braved the waters for the rising sun and who took part in the noble journey.
many are on the verge of an entirely new reality, a reality that was only see as a utopian dream. the seeds where planted deeply within your soul and heart patiently waiting for you to give rise the your inner sun. this seed is now sprouting
the vision god has for humanity shall be effortlessly nurtured from within.
the sun as often reminded us that we have all that is needed within,
we are the wayshowers and stewards of the birth of a new huamnity , we say to you rise up! Be one within your community of light, draw on your hidden talents to put forth the gifts that God graced each of you with for this very special time in history.
there never as been a time like this on earth .path that each participant as selflessly embarked upon as bring inner fear into the surface.within the human consciousness somthing miraculous is happening. behind the greater plan was a team of support guiding everyone of our step in the realisation of this journey Pushing many of us to reach farther than we ever imagine possible, deep within our being to find the last thread of determination and will to see yourselves through.
we are the hope and the light of humanity determined we have navigate through turmoil and reach the higher vision for all huamnity, we have see through the illusion.
our inner strength and wisdom as renew faith and hope for all humanity to make the coming transformation posible did you know that such willful resolve was posible?
It was only you who sometimes doubted and wondered if all efforts were in vain, you had all that is needed in you to become the master of light that you truly are.
a reality by which we have great control over existence and creation merely by the realm of thought and emotion that you continuously ascertain. Now that you feet are more firmly planted here, this space will take some getting used to, yes indeed, and with it comes great responsibility for you now hold the key to obtain the truth in most every circumstance.
while many now see the truth before there very eyes, there is still an abiding responsibility of compassion and great restraint must be exercised to care for the vulnerable stage of every growing soul.we have remember you that to assist another is to remember yourselves as the molting snake on the desert floor searching for your new covering. This periode of great awakening is a time of extreme vulnerability for many . Great care must be practiced and with great compassion extended to those stepping on the path.
the light master see a growing concern on the surface of earth as the tides wash the verry fondation of wath you call the modern world wich is in fact a babarian and obsolet way of life that as create sufering for the majority of the earth population all of your old and curent leader as falsely laid claim to power. Be astute, for these times will appear before you to be the end time the great dismantling of a western-dominated materialism society will not be with graceful acceptance at first Be firm. The thoughts that collect and emit from the mass consciousness will carry within great pockets of fear and turmoil. Allow all lower frequencies to wash over you and take charge of your creative powers stay calm. Now is the time to institute your will for the highest good for every human and to merely allow the outworkings of a disabled society to fall around you so that new structure can rise.
Your task now is to merely be in the space of joy and happiness to give rise to the vision visions that as being place deeply within your heart. As true co-creators of the divine, you have been working toward this moment for a very long time, more than you know. Do not attempt to fix what's wrong, for truly, nothing is wrong. The silent revolution has completed its righteous task in service to the All, and now you are in tune with the beat of creator's heart.
create you will! Creation is the name of this new game and you shall employ it well for each vision will be provided with a canvas, the tools and a brand new palette to create the reality that you dream of. Nothing will be impossible to paint on this new canvas and all who wish to participate shall too be given a brush.
Playful creation is in the highest form, for true creation comes with great joy. Lift yourselves above the plunder and stay connected to the stream of abundance that flows so effortlessly in the higher realms. This can only be done through love. We are like proud parents anxiously awaiting your new lives with deep feelings for such profound accomplishments.
Soon you will know how powerful you really are. Rise up! Be one. Uncloak, and join hands with your bothers and sisters around the globe who have risen with you. Truly you are all one. Blessings and divine grace will be the reality for all who rise above the chaos. We are the light and joy of the world, in honor of each and every human.

Luck, Coincidence, and Faith

Homo Luminus - The indigo generation

No more distractions...

Tipping Point... You Choose?click here

Make no mistake, there will be much contention when it becomes known that people CANNOT be forced to pay to sleep

For those who are hurting, broke, different, abused, manipulated, homeless, hungry, thirsty, and your so called religious leader is telling you, you need to live their way, give more, do more for them for free, and in return all you get is "you'll be saved from future events" tell them to SHOVE IT! THE WALL IS COMING DOWN! Get ready

for if there is to be a new Earth, WE (those of us who consciously live in the knowledge of the One) are the ones to birth it.

The structures that dominate Earth today were created with the design of continuing oppression. Their goal is to suppress our souls. These structures will die but with horrendous backlash. We can sidestep it all because the way of Light is Simplicity. Do not be afraid but with relief and joy, step into the Way of Simplicity.

realising your dream
the main pilar of your life force and power.

Passion, Clarity intergrity inner calm and Self Love. these qualities are the base on which to manifest your own creativity and increase your Personal Power.these are supporting pillars of arcivement. when one of these quality frail, the whole structure of our life can collapse. when one of these pilar are missing hapiness and joy left us our vitality are low and fulfilling our dream become almost imposible.

we atrack and created all that happend in our reality by our vibrational state intend emotion and belief.we need a source of thrust in your own self to overcome the the cultural programming that society impose on us .

free our self from limiting beliefs .

generate a lifetime of adventure and wonder, a deep well of power. Fortunately, we all possess an infinite source of energy and creative power- we shall develop a passion that goes with our true calling, our life purpose.

our excitement for expressing the uniqueness and the oneness of spirit can lift us into magical reality. by devotion to our passion will provides the power needed to reach our dream. Enthusiasm funds the dream. exuberance attracts the people and assistance to build the fondation . your enjoyment of your special adventure lights you up from the inside. Your inner radiance shines through. People are enticed by your eagerness, your inner fire, your glow. The joy of self-expression is your secret Natural charisma acts like a magnet to draw in the human and support you need to soar. our sense of aliveness is propage contagiously to everything.

High on light , we can meet any challenge. as the light fills up every pore of our being doubt and fear cannot find a place to reside in our holy temple.

your not sure where your passion passion lies?

dont worrie about skills and how you will arcive them focus your intend and keep faith the universe will sycronise and give you sing .

just some tought on wath god conscious energy wave of light with infite inteligence that operate in a very myterious
way in wich is the same as you divine esence that we all are
that create all that... is is wich all that esixt is made of forever expanding conscious universe that is influence by our belief tought and emotion if you ca fell it imagine it and feell good about wath you wish to experience with litle trust and faith anything can become reality you are universe and you are creating your self every moment this reality can be change in a instant the moment we shift our perception see the dream acomplish and hold the vision the more people hold the same vision the self start emanating energy that start to bring about the change you desire and you dont realy have to talk the heart reawke its vision and the earth is restore naturaly to its natural state of beauty god is the manager of the bank of love who gadien of this piece of theater you are the producer and the actor and he never opose to creatif vison and idea wich bring fantesy into is theather and joy the its creation he send creative energy to the player you are in this creation wich enable you to create event more wonder in your life in wich can

only hapend if we let our self be guide by our heart and out

of love for the whole creation

scientific proff of of miracle

great movie for the liberation of mind and soul


recommends we watch the Matrix the 13th floor and Sphere.

There is a documentary coming out in the US with a projected October 10 release date...Information is at www.thespiritmolecule.com, and delves into the research at the University of New Mexico, and worldwide. Hope that is helpful.

check out the trailer for Ghetto Physics, Produced by Will Arntz and E Raymond Brown, Author of Ghetto Physics, Will the Real Pimps and Ho's Please Stand Up. a number of powerful minds. Ghetto Physics will be Coming this fall to a theater near you! ITS A MUST SEE!

a film by the producer and director of wath the bleep do we know



Own the award-winning spiritual film that has captivated audiences across the country and has been hailed as a "Masterpiece", "Profoundly Transformative", and "Life-Changing"!

the matrix is real a much wacth


I am going to discuss the Condensing Principal, but first let us set the stage with some Taoist concepts that may be unfamiliar to some folks. The human body is a condensed image of the entire universe. Every cell is a galaxy, with atomic suns, planets and sub atomic life forms of every description. This is not rhetorical but literal and a very big responsibility most of us would rather not even think about let alone act on. The body is made of Jing, Chi and Shen. Jing is the vitality of the body. Our sexual/creative energy that is stored in the kidneys. The Kidney is the adrenal glands our bones and bone marrow. The brain and the reproductive organs including the external genitalia and the kidney itself. Jing is the foundation of the body pyramid. Jing and the lack there of is the difference between young and old people. Jing is the most cherished treasure of the these "Three Treasures", because with out jing it is difficult to cultivate the other two; Chi and shen. Chi is the universal energy we all share. The categories of different types of chi is vast and beyond this discussion, so lets be happy with chi as energy and information. Shen is spirit. Not spirit that is separate from the physical body. We are in the body now and any separation is the first step towards dualism and all the problems of 3D we are all familiar with. Lets say Shen is our ability to access our higher self. Our self in other dimensions perhaps or the I Am That I Am. In many ways the Three Treasures of Jing, Chi and Shen are another way of imagining Yin and Yang or polarity. In the west we think of yin and yang as two but it is actually three. Yin and yang are dual aspects of yuan chi or original chi which is the basic building block of the myriad of things. So when we say yin and yang the original chi is implied, like a background or the fabric of what ever polarized substance we are referring to. Same goes for jing, chi and shen. Jing and shen are polar opposites of chi.
Jing is the inheritance from our parents and our ancestors. Strong young strong parents create strong offspring. This is our first matrix we deal with in physical incarnation. We are stuck with it, but we can get stronger with effort. Certain herbs and a vital diet can build jing a bit. But the more powerful approach is through the breath. Not just any breathing exercises or pranayama. But a specific meditation called Condensing Breathing. I will get to the specific practice in my next post. Let us construct the idea form first, and fill it in with details later. Condensing breathing is sucking chi into the bone marrow,spine and brain. When chi is condensed into the bone marrow or our core. It dramatically increases in vibration and becomes our personal power or jing. If chi is the wind, condensing breathing is like setting up a wind turbine and creating electricity. Jing in action is Will. It can be projected and felt by others. This is not mysterious, just misunderstood. It is the charisma we see in certain people. It is how a powerful business man closes the deal. Jing is what we are attracted to sexually in others. He or she is not pretty to look at but somehow every one wants them. Jing is what is shining forth in the enlightened ones, because they have no desire and have not wasted their vitality chasing after the painted cakes of this world that never satisfy. Developing more jing is crucial in these days of accelerating time. If we hope to hold on to and assimilate the powerful energies that are coming to earth. We had better develop a vessel with no cracks.
The Condensing Principal can be applied in many ways. The beautiful background of this website is a perfect example. The cosmos are not as close to earth as they appear to be in this art work. But what a wonderfully powerful effect to see creation condensed with out all of the space. Perhaps this image is closer to reality than we think. I suspect our star cousins use the condensing principal in inter-galactic travel. The Condensing Principal is very important in creating new dynamic internal chi circulations. Which I will cover in more detail in the next post. But for now imagine this. If the human body is a condensed image of the universe. And we can learn to create dynamic internal chi circulation. We can indeed sail along scented ethereal cords among the stars.