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Will Obama Meet the Resistance in Portland?

Call for Organization of Protest at the Oregon Convention Center, Wednesday, October 20, 2010
President Barack Obama has scheduled a visit to Portland on behalf of Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee John Kitzhaber. Obama will be speaking to 10,000 or more pre-registered guests at the Oregon Democratic Party-sponsored function in an attempt to bolster the Kitzhaber campaign.

There is a handful of future public school educators organizing to send a message to Obama regarding his Administration's endorsement of the recent film "Waiting For 'Superman'" and the broader agenda it promotes to further corporatize the public education system in the United States for the benefit of multinational corporations that need semi-skilled labor at ever-lower prices. We plan on posting up outside the Convention Center with signs and loud voices.

If there are any other activists who would like to join with us, regardless of your issue/reason for protest, please reply to this posting or contact me via email.

You are not alone 18.Oct.2010 12:29


Short-Changed in the Obama-nation? Tell Barack About it.


On October 20, President Obama will speak at the Oregon Convention Center to stump for Democrats only.

A counter protest is planned for 3:30!

Meet at the NE corner of NE Oregon St (800 Block NE) and Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, across the street from the entrance to the Convention Center.

Saying we are disappointed in the current administration would be a massive understatement.

We've been short-changed and hope-winked.

Whether it's the continued wars, enlarged occupations, Wall Street bailouts, or rearranging the deck chairs on various sinking ships (the economy, healthcare, global warming, and others too numerous to mention)--we all have something that needs to be said.

Come out to the Oregon Convention Center and let the President know how you feel. Raise awareness that there is a choice other than the corrupt ways of the Democrats and Republicans who consistently bow to their corporate paymasters and ignore the will of the people.

Obama now complains that corporations are funnelling hundreds of millions of dollars, from secret sources, into Republican campaigns. But the Democrats could have prevented that by using their majorities in the House and Senate to require disclosure or even to add 2 more members to the Supreme Court and reveerse the Citizens United decision. But they did not, because the Democrats thought they would be the ones riding the corporate gravy train. After all, they got more corporate money than the Republicans in 2008 (reported the Wall Street Journal). But the corporations know better. They are buying Congressional seats for real Republicans who openly adhere to their agenda.

But doesn't action in the Senate require 60 votes? No. The Justices curcial to the Citizens United decision were themselves confirmed by 52 votes (Thomas) and 58 votes (Alito). Action requires 60 votes only when the majority party Senators want to fool people into believing they are impotent to protect the public interest. Impotence allows them to argue, "Make us stronger with a bigger majority." But the problem is not impotence. It is their allegiance to big money, which bigger majorities would not change.

Many groups are coming together for this one: See the note below from Dan Handelman of Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group.


Philip Kauffman
(503) 250-0327

Progressive Party of Oregon
320 SW Stark Street #200
Portland, OR 97204

Dan Handelman of Peace and Justice Works writes:

Yes, we have to deal with these realities:

there will be massive security and we may not get our message out as directly as we'd like
there will be protestors there from the Tea Party and other communities who do not seek peace or economic and social justice
no matter how large of a crowd we have, the mainstream media will say we're a "handful"
Over 40,000 people flooded Waterfront Park in 2003 to try to stop the invasion of Iraq. About 100 stalwarts came out in the rain last week to say the US must complete its withdrawal from Iraq, get out of Afghanistan, and redirect its financial priorities.

We have a chance now to make our message clear and be sure that the President and his supporters, as well as candidate Kitzhaber, hear our voices.

We will have the signs about "Get the Hell Out of Iraq," "Stop the War on Afghanistan" and "Close Guantanamo," among others. Those will not be the messages carried by others planning to protest.

I hope to see you out there on Wednesday. We've got the word out to other groups who may or may not also be a part of this call to action.

Please take public transportation, or walk or bike to the protest as it will be very busy with supporters


News Release from: Portland Police Bureau 19.Oct.2010 19:24


Posted: October 19th, 2010 3:50 PM

Portland Police want to alert Portland area motorists of traffic delays that will occur tomorrow, Wednesday, October 20, 2010, due to President Obama's visit to the City of Portland. Motorists should expect traffic to be disrupted on major arterials and around the Convention Center during evening rush hour traffic.

Contact Info: Lt. Kelli Sheffer
Desk: 503-823-0010
Pager: 503-790-1779

Sgt. Pete Simpson
Desk: 503-823-0830
Pager: 503-790-1779

meh 20.Oct.2010 12:36


think i'll pass. sounds like a bunch of pacifist, leftist, cop lovers getting together, being careful to only take up half the sidewalk (to not block foot trafic), who paid the state for a permit to protest for a few hours.

if you have a permit, it's not a protest. you're just playing into their game and by their rules. the state has granted you the right to free speech and to publicly assemble... aslong as you pay for it first.

think i'll 20.Oct.2010 13:07


pass.......... along "who has this permit"?

Or who said anything about a anyone having a permit?

Fake militant sits on couch 20.Oct.2010 15:55

In response

To A∴A∴

I'm all for taking a more militant line and actually being rebellious in attacking the state and capitalism. But if you are sitting out because having a permit (allegedly) means "you're just playing into their game and by their rules" then I hope you have a better activity planned from 3:30-6:00 besides sitting on your ass. If you are out attacking recruiting stations and mounting the barricades let us know. But sitting on your ass at home is even more benign than having a peaceful protest. I hope you're not just being a poseur lifestylist, saying you are too revolutionary to actually protest and raise a voice or a hand.

Unprecidented Hopelessness 22.Oct.2010 00:07


the reduction of mass numbers probably has many factors. One might be the feeling that it has no great effect, and that can be used to excuse oneself for the second viewing of "Pick Axe" in the week or another might be to show the next mass movement may become more.

The pressure inside is increasing
Truth in each person is expanding
Population explodes every day as
our Earthly Mother is victimized
Restraint is a learned behavior
"Where will the children play?"

Revolution solution is looming
Savagery won't last forever so
Purify and cleanse to prepare
Surrender to return to nature
Good orderly direction saves
The memory of best eternally

This is a fun wing-nut poem
About terribly tragic drama
Our social evolution enact
Living the endless persona
For the sake of something
Higher than the sum of us

My dog has an apple anus
A composting organism so
She gets a lot of apple
When I dumpster so many
Rice Milk was pleasant
To share among fellows

Freedom isn't free if
Your work is paid for
If someone buys this
I'll get a bike tube
Keeping the slavery
That I hold minimal

Wanting a currency
That comes with me
Co-operating with
Harmony in Nature
None else get it
It is inevitable

The end is nigh
This poem's one
World as known
Done so that a
Fresh idea is
Now born anew

Ridiculous a
Long rant is
Going to be
Finished as
This small

what resistance? 08.Nov.2010 15:12


The only thing anyone resists over here is Republicans. The only bad wars are when Republicans are in office. Whatever Democrats do is fine. Whatever Republicans do is bad, even though they are the same thing as what Democrats do. There is no resistance. Its a total joke.