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drug war

Response to "Local Program Aims To Curb Substanse Abuse in Estacada"

The Tribune won't allow my response. I think its a good one.

"No one uses drugs for no reason. You should figure out why certain people continue since a majority have tried at least a few kinds of drugs. Looking at this problematic population as a bunch of people who don't think there are reprecussions, makes you look like a person just dreaming of the bottle or bong you put aside for the advancement of a miserable life. You need to make people want to find a saticefaction in life good enough to forget about the saticefaction of the drug of choice. Otherwise, you will never rid the area of drug use because there will still be a demand for it. Find a way to stop the demand but remember that punishment won't stop it. For many people punishment is almost a selling point more than a deterant since addiction is at its root cause, a prolonged form of suicide."