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Hell yes. And fuck Columbus Day, too.
What would the world look like? What would it look like to be reconditioned to feel nothing but repulsed in knowing that the ethnic cleansing begun in 1492 is still seen by so many as a day of celebration?

What would the world look like if the Spanish invasion that began in 1492 was taught in our public schools as a history of genocide, forced cultural and religious conversion?

Who would we all be today if the truth had been taught instead of The Big White Lie?

Some links:

 link to www.democracynow.org




more links 11.Oct.2010 13:48

Karma Lita guerrilla.girl.is@gmail.com



 link to www.youtube.com


Check This Out! 11.Oct.2010 13:52


Check out this excerpt from "Columbus," by Seattle singer-songwriter Jim Page


democracy is dead 16.Oct.2010 20:31

the colonial whisperer

Freedom will prevail!
The day of colonial imperialism on Great Turtle Island is over.
We will take back our lands.