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Tar Sands Resistance Presentation and Screening of H2Oil

Join Missoula MT-based Northern Rockies Rising Tide at the Red & Black Cafe this Tuesday October 12 at 7PM to learn about Tar Sands mining in Alberta Canada and grassroots resistance to one of the most destructive industrial projects on the planet.
The Alberta Tar Sands is the largest industrial project on the face of the earth, and threatens to clear cut an area of boreal forests in Alberta Canada the size of Florida. ExxonMobil is attempting to open a new shipping corridor through the Columbia and Snake Rivers and along rural Hwy 12 to expedite this process.

Come view the excellent documentary H2Oil and a presentation on the HUGE oversized trucks proposed to bring mining equipment through our region up to Tar Sands mines.

homepage: homepage: http://northernrockiesrisingtide.wordpress.com