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Oregon Elected Officials Urge Their Congressional Delegation To End the War

Salem, OR - Today, the 9th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, a letter from more than 25 Oregon state and local officials will be delivered to the Oregon congressional delegation. The group, which includes state legislators, county commissioners, city councilors, and mayors from around the state, will urge members of the delegation to take action to end the war.
On war anniversary, Oregon elected officials urge action from the state's congressional delegation

"Oregon is laying off teachers, shortening the school year and cutting programs for the elderly," said signer State Senator Bill Morrisette (D-6). "Congress has struggled to offer any help, but they've seen fit to spend billions and billions on a failing war. The future of Oregon depends on our representatives going to DC to stop wasting billions on war, and instead use those resources to rebuild at home."

Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson added, "Lane County taxpayers have paid out $231.9 million for the Afghanistan war. In these tough economic times, we could have put the money to better use creating jobs in our own community, supporting public safety and providing food and medicine for Lane County citizens."

The letter urges action for more cost effective alternatives to the war that would free up much needed resources for struggling Oregonians. It says, "The Oregonians we represent need a congressional delegation fighting for policies like health care, education and jobs that will bring them real security and improve their lives. There are viable alternatives to the current strategy in Afghanistan that can address causes and impacts of terrorism and ameliorate conditions for Afghans at the fraction of the cost of military engagement, while freeing up critical resources for our communities."

The letter with the full list of signatories can be downloaded at


Press Contact: Reva Patwardhan (office) 510-681-7075,  rpatwardhan@peaceactionwest.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.peaceactionwest.org/downloads/AfghanistanLetter_to_ORdelegation.pdf

how did this happen? 10.Oct.2010 11:06


Was there a campaign to do this? Did the legislators just do this on their own? gk