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Environmental Activists lock doors, smear tar and hang banner at Gogreen pdx

Environmental activists directly confront the business elites false solutions to climate change at the GoGreen '10 Sustainability Conference in Portland, OR. Activists locked the doors, hung a banner and smeared tar at the Gerding Theatre
Activists Target GoGreen Sustainibility Conference for Promoting False Solutions to Climate Change

Environmental Activists Hang Banner, Lock Doors and Smear Tar on Gerding Theatre to Raise Awareness About False Solutions to Climate Change

October 6, 2010

Portland, OR- Environmental activists local to Cascadia directly confronted false solutions to climate change at the annual GoGreen '10 Conference held this year at the Gerding Theatre in Portland Oregon.

The conference invites big and small business owners and professionals to attend and discuss ways to make business green and sustainable. The conference, a day long event with a ticket price of $175 per person; "a value-packed day connecting with eco-entrepreneurs + business leaders" according to the portland GoGreen conference website. Speakers ranged from mayor Sam Adams and secretary of state Kate Brown to Darcy Winslow, General Manager for Nike's Global Women's Fitness Business and Senior Advisor to the Nike Foundation along with 50 other various CEO's and successful business owners.

The GoGreen conference, intended to "educate, motivate and inspire" business owners and professionals to take the "green quotient to the next level" in their businesses. Environmental activists contend this conference calling it classist without any interest in the communities that it will impact. Real solutions to climate change can not be found within the doors of the wealthy elite. On the morning of October 5, 2010 anonymous environmental activists representing the interests of the earth and peoples oppressed by green washed business took action.

Environmental activists locked the doors to the Gerding Theatre with a chain and a banner reading " Green is the color of $$, No Excuses! No Compromise!" and tar was spread across the door handles and locks. This action is meant to represent both environmental impacts and social impacts of false solutions to climate change.

This action is claimed in the name of all oppressed people and all ecosystems effected by the business elite's false solutions to climate change.


yes! 08.Oct.2010 00:23


Wow very cool! Glad to hear about this!
Liberal politics means constant compromise to the state and liberal sustainability means constant compromise to capitalism. Word.

Fuck the green wash.

thou shall not have 08.Oct.2010 14:38

burr channels moses via orwell

thou shall not have any solutions other than my solutions, for I, thy environmental fringe, am a jealous bigot...
Thou shall not have any business friendly solutions, nor any capital based solutions, nor any technical solutions, nor any developing nations freindly solutions, nor any market offerin solutions, or I will punish you even unto the places where your jantors and thy maidservant sleep, and your lives will be miserable all the days of my non-incarceration.

Excellent! 11.Oct.2010 07:33


We need more of this. And soon!