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Knowledge is Power- International Wave of Action Against Education Cutbacks (video)

our demands for equitable and accessible educations have not been met.

OCTOBER 7th @ PSU South Park Blocks, 10am-2pm.


(check check the video)

On March 4th, 2010, students across the country took to the streets and halls in opposition to budget cuts, administrative bureaucracy and the increasing trend to out source and privatize education.

In recognition with this, and in solidarity with ongoing actions, Portland State University students rallied. Students and professors gave poignant and rousing speeches to a large, interested crowd. Music complimented the speeches and led to a march through the University halls to the Presidents office (which was promptly locked) where a list of student demands were presented. While assurances were given to the diverse crowd assembled in the hall, THIER DEMANDS HAVE NOT BEEN MET.

In the spirit of this, students, professors, musicians and the public will be gathering en masse, one more time, at the South Park Blocks by PSU on OCTOBER 7th from 10am-2pm.


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