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“Don’t Hurt Me” Candidates

From the time leading up to the 2006 national elections Americans have shown a propensity towards a greater and greater interest in reorganizing the political landscape. In many ways we have become more and more serious about our national elections, and those representing us. We have moved beyond accepting the status quo as enough. We've realized just how corrupt the system can be and have demanded change in every election from both sides of the isles and then some.
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The importance of quality representation has become central to what we seek from Washington right down to our local municipalities. Whether Democrat, Republican, Third Party or Independent we have been giving each more serious scrutiny. Each has had to answer to increasingly higher standards of questions and deeper probing. The game is becoming more serious and middle to lower income Americans are ready to take back America with open, responsible candidates unafraid to tell us the truth; unafraid to step out from behind the lobbyist/ big business tailored veil to stand with us.

On the ground people are hurting; the economy has put so many out of work nervousness has swept across the nation as parents look up from circling ads in the help wanted sections to see cupboards once full now growing empty. They stand up, and make their way to the window to watch what's most important in life playing outside. They need respite.

People can't even find the second jobs which have become so much more important, over the last couple of decades, to a basic income. These are the same two to three jobs which have come to take the place of the once suitable single one due to positions being coldheartedly shipped overseas. The American way of life is running, sailing and flying away; packed up into little containers and shipped overseas never to return; position by position. While China has just overtaken Japan as the second largest economy in the world, we still have leaders saying, "don't be afraid of the global market."

We're not afraid of the global market, but we are afraid of watching our standard of living being sold by pimps and their minions in the name of the free markets. Don't be afraid of watching America slide by the wayside? Some patriots they are.

We're afraid of this nation being driven by big corporations even more than it currently is. We have no problems with them existing, being big or wealthy, no. But ruining our lives; selling off the value of our nation job by job? We have problems with that, yes. Having the right to conduct themselves without their business being unfairly encroached upon by unreasonable regulations causing them to become unprofitable? No, we don't want that. Dumping toxic waste into out backyards and water supply? Yeah, we have problems with that.

Taxed too highly? We don't want that. Whining about high taxes, then taking trillions from TARP and the stimulus? We don't want that either. Whining about government expansion? Nothing wrong with that. Whining about government expansion, while soaking up hundreds of millions in government contracts like Koch Industries? Of course we have problems with that.

Lately there have been a lot of candidates saying 'we need change and accountability,' and that's important. We like to hear that. However, there has been a sudden rush on the part of many to avoid questions regarding their positions. They have been told by certain leaders to stay quiet, and to answer as few questions as possible regarding their positions on the issues. (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20008010-503544.html) But, that doesn't jive with their rhetoric about accountability, openness and transparency. (http://stlouisteaparty.com/2010/09/23/rebuilding-transparent-government/)

They say those in Washington are not open enough. But, how can we rely on these candidates to back up what they say if they will not be open, transparent or accountable themselves? How do we know this isn't the typical campaign rhetoric or candidacies if they think we aren't good enough to talk to? Sounds like more Washington smoke and mirror b.s and they aren't even bothering to cover up their lack of regard for average folks who want to hear from them.

We send men and women into harms way overseas and these are the people who we are electing to send them. The men and women of our armed forces are brave and full of character, responsibility and personal integrity. They also exemplify what we should be able to expect from our leaders.

If these people feel they have the same level of character and integrity representative of our armed forces, why don't they want to face us? (http://www.mediaite.com/online/gop-candidates-embrace-sarah-palin-strategy-avoid-the-press/) Our men and women in uniform don't run and hide when confronted with a challenge or when things get hot.

We do not want leaders who run and hide when confronted by problems or when things get stressful. The people they send to war don't run when bombs are dropped on them, yet these candidates can't even take it when a microphone is waved in their face? We want the very best of America.

We want everything out on the table, no scaredy cats, wimps or wusses in the positions requiring tough decisions, rock hard constitutions and the ability to stand up and do what's right even when it's unpopular. How could any real leaders tell a national candidate to duck and hide? How could anyone tell their candidates to head for the hills screaming "no comment, please?" How could any real leader expect to be taken seriously when they hide behind such sheepish behavior?

How could we expect people who enter into contracts, with the news corporations coincidently always favorable to them, which state they may not talk to anyone outside of the news channels owned by that corporation, to be ready to talk to all sides? These people are acting more like the hunted than the hunters. These people are only talking to the biggest, most powerful news organization, and not speaking to anyone else? They're happy with that? They're okay with that? What happened to all the toughness they would be bringing to their potential jobs? What about us little guys?

We expect these people not to run and hide if the nation is under threat or cow to bad advice because they are afraid of a challenge, yet here they are afraid to speak to a reporter or two? We want to see confident change not candidates racked with fears and insecurities biting their nails because someone may ask a challenging question. We want people ready to answer.

How did the people who were supposed to be representing tough no nonsense change become such wimps? When did they become these, "oh, please don't hurt me" bend and break cowards? How can we expect them to stand up to a real challenge when the farthest they are willing to go is inside their own comfort zones? They are supposed to be standing up to Washington, but they can't even stand up to questions by a reporter? Sounds like all that tough talk was just that - talk.

The Prime minister of China gave an interview to CNN which aired just this past weekend. (http://edition.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/fareed.zakaria.gps/) So, you're telling me even he is willing to step outside his comfort zone of state run TV he controls one hundred percent, but they won't? What are they going to do when they have to face him? Lol!

To read about my inspiration for this article go to www.lawsuitagainstuconn.com.

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