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4th Annual Doug Honours Ceremony this Sunday (10.10.10) ... Doug AKA the Cascadian flag

The Doug flag celebration will be to honour those selected that represent the some of unique qualities of Cascadia. Please join us and have fun.
So this coming Sunday the tenth of October (10.10.10) will be the fourth annual Doug Honours Ceremony at Tryon Life Community Farm in southwest Portland.  The Doug being the nickname for the Cascadian flag (blue for sky & ocean, white for snow & cloud and green for forest & fields with the conifer tree at the center) which symbolizes the bioregion of Cascadia.  We invite all to join in a potluck, Doug flag painting event and honouring those who capture some of the uniqueness of this rich diverse bioregion as well as the Cascadia Flute Circle. 

Directions at  http://www.tryonfarm.org/share/directions

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