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Cinema Politica tours Cascadia

This November two concerned citizens are bringing Montreal's Cinema Politica network to the communities of Cascadia. Cinema Politica is a Montreal based network of community and campus locals showcasing cutting-edge independent film that addresses socio-political, environmental, cultural & economic issues. If you or your community are interested in hosting one screening or starting a regular night, please get in touch!
The Bus
The Bus
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Cp Logo
My partner Ashley and I are currently in New Mexico undertaking a four week intership with Earthship Biotecture, an organisation that has spent the last four decades researching and building self sufficient housing from society's waste material. Our journey to Taos was sparked by a documentary entitled 'Garbage Warrior,' which chronicled Earthship creator Michael Reynolds' experiences. Garbage Warrior was screened by a local chapter of Montreal based non-profit Cinema Politica. Beginning in Montreal's Concordia University, CP now has a world wide network of local screenings showcasing independent political film.

To learn more about the Cinema Politica network head over to their website at cinemapolitica.org. The US only currently hosts one regular screening in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We are hoping to change this by spawning regular screenings up the West Coast.

To get to New Mexico we converted a 1979 school bus and recruited four more friends to join us on the three week road trip from BC to Taos. On our return journey up the west coast, beginning late October, we hope to introduce Cinema Politica to as many communities as possible.

Arriving in our bus we will bring a selection of eye opening, inspirational films, complete with additional material to facilitate discussion and action. We feel that creating anger or frustration without offering an avenue for action simply leads to apathy and a sense of hopelessness.

Creating a regular screening night in your community by beoming a CP local allows the organisers access to CP's catalogue of 400+ documentaries from around the globe.

At this stage we are looking for expressions of interest from those who would like to assist us to put on a screening in their community. This may not necessarily to lead to regular shows, although that would be the ideal outcome. The major requirements for a screening are simply a location, possibly larger theatre equipment (we have a small projector and sound for up to two dozen people), and assistance with finding and drawing an audience.

If you want to get involved, or have comments, questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Sean Bozkewycz & Ashley Courtney