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Climate Change International Day of ACTION!!!

Talk is over, the system will never change itself, we need to take action ourselves!!!
On October 12, 2010: Change the system, not the climate!
Call for a global day of direct action for climate justice

The disaster that was the climate summit in Copenhagen highlighted one thing above all: That we cannot expect UN-negotiations to solve the climate crisis for us. Governments and corporations are unable (even if they were willing) to deliver real climate justice. Only powerful, global climate justice movements can achieve the structural changes that are necessary, whether it is ending our addiction to fossil fuels, replacing industrial agriculture with local systems of food sovereignty, halting systems based on endless growth and consumption, or addressing the historical responsibility of the global elites' massive ecological debt to the global exploited.

The Latin American network 'Global Minga' called for an annual day of action in defence of mother earth on October 12, reclaiming the day that used to be imposed as 'Columbus Day'. Responding to this call, and the demand for a day of action for 'system change, not climate change' made in Copenhagen by global movements, Climate Justice Action is proposing a day of direct action for climate justice on October 12, 2010.

We invite all those who fight for social and ecological justice to organise direct actions targeting climate criminals and false solutions, or creating real alternatives. This is an open callout, we are not picking targets. But it is not a day for marches or petitions: it is time for us to reclaim our power, and take control of our lives and futures.

To get involved please email  info@climate-justice-action.org

human lies are anthropogenic 05.Oct.2010 02:43


The only anthropogenic thing about 'climate change' is that it is a human made lie and that certain international banks are using it as advertising to sell the bubble of the futures contracts around carbon trading--which may dwarf all mortgage crises.

recent news:
Royal Society issues new climate change guide that admits there are 'uncertainties' about the science
 link to www.dailymail.co.uk

And how can we ignore Climategate, or how US, UK, and New Zealand 'climate scientists' were caught in fraud fudging the numbers when the data fails to actually fit their activism of selling carbon credits for the major international banks?